Trip post

06 Oct

Second day in Miami. Still too hot outside. It’s noticeably warm outside at 10pm. That’s just absurd. Still, good trip so far taken as a whole. Even if the universe is messing with me by giving us a layover somewhere a friend I’d like to meet, but too far away and only there an hour.

Saw the movie The Martian. Really enjoyed it. If you like science fiction you should go see it. Not movie science fiction, but good hard science fiction. Some cool stuff, good tension at moments even though I was sure there would be some flavor of happy ending given the author of the book it is based on. It’s fairly hard to get me that invested in a movie to have honest feelings about what might happen to the characters on the screen. I really should bump the book lots higher on my read list.

Heading home tomorrow. Hasn’t been long enough for me to miss being home since I’ve got something of a mixed feeling of my living situation at times. Still, not sharing a room with someone (i.e. a hotel room with family) will be nice.

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