More lovecraftian short stories

13 Oct

Here’s the next set of short stories from the Lovecraftian story collection I’m slowly making my way through. Might not even finish it. Honestly getting a bit worn down by just how similar a lot of them are. Cosmic horror should not be straightjacket tight formulaic. Space Eldritch proved that you can do interesting and creative things and still be doing cosmic horror in a short story.

Start of my reading this book here. Second post about it here.

The Salem Horror
Not bad. Above average but nothing special about it. Rats in the walls was a better story about discovery of evil forces in a new house.

The Terror from the Depths
A bit different than most of them, though still goes the typical route of being a manuscript of someone’s last moments that also includes their life history. Had a bit too much references to other Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired stories and characters.

Rising with Surtsey
Another entry into the standard category. Decently written but not all that imaginative. This one dealt with a much more understandable horror though. Not all that much above human understanding. Reducing the nameless beings of the deep to just other beings and lifeforms, though using magic. I’ve read other stories, proper novels, from this author. One dealing with the cuthulu mythos. He did much the same there, bringing the cosmic elements as bit closer to supernatural, something a hero could fight against. I liked his books, but they are closer to adventure than horror.

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