Pony Stories 496

17 Oct

My original fiction over on Amazon is doing pretty good lately. Normally I get about one sale a month on average. With the new counting pages part of Amazon’s subscription thingy it’s gotten a little fuzzier. Yet in October I’ve gotten enough pages read for a half-dozen or more of my stories. In three chunks, so it’s probably one or two people reading all the way through. Oct 1st was 114 pages read of my scifi story, then on the 11th and 13th I got 72 and 68 pages respectively for my space Arthurian remake story. My scifi story is 48 pages by Amazon’s count, so that is just a bit over two full reads. The Arthurian one is 36 pages so that’s two full reads and almost two full reads. Which is pretty good. Might actually end up getting my next check in the mail sometime in the near future. I’ve got it set to send me a check when the payout hits 100 bucks. Since the select program is a pool of money system, I’m not really getting a whole lot through it.

Anyway, just thought it was cool that apparently been a bit of interest in my stuff recently. Here’s some words about ponywords.

  • Dr. Caballeron in: Daring to Change by Comet Burst
  • Six Months in July by Fiddlebottoms
  • Home Is Where The Harp Is by Blueshift

Dr. Caballeron in: Daring to Change by Comet Burst

Like a lot of fan fiction this isn’t a full story. This is the intro chapter to a full adventure story. One I’d love to read. It gives just enough hints at both the future of the story and the backstory if the two characters. Good, if short, story.

Six Months in July by Fiddlebottoms

Huh. It’s not a bad story. Just not really sure what the point of it was. Plus, not really a pony story. Other than a mention of Celestia twice, I’m not sure there was a single noun from the show. You would even notice the difference if this was rewritten to be original fiction.

Home Is Where The Harp Is by Blueshift

Hm. Not exactly what I was expecting. Actually was expecting a much darker ending than I got. Pretty good story all things considered. This version of the snooze was pretty monstrous. Been awhile since I’ve seen that level of inescapable horror in a story. This is the type of menace I’d love to see in more Lovecraftian stories.

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  1. Present Perfect

    October 17, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Man, I love Six Months in July though. c.c I miss Fiddlebottoms.


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