Pony Stories 498

18 Oct

Playing a old game now. Finally got a working version of Laser Squad Nemesis on my computer. Which was annoying because the installer I had saved just puts in the client, but you actually have to get a registration code for the full single player campaigns. Which I did not have and the game’s website and server no longer exist. However, I found that it was actually sold as a boxed game with a cd and everything. So grabbed that from amazon and as long as I keep the cd in the drive, I can play to my hearts content. Very fun game. I find it a perfect level of simplicity and complexity.

Oh, and with some assistance from Amazon customer service I’ve worked out how much I’m earning through amazon for my short stories. A whole 1/2 cent a page read. So 100 pages gets me a whopping 50 cents. Not going to be making that hundred buck payout anytime soon.

  • Prompt #501: “Dawn on the Mountainside” by Atosen
  • Of Angels by PaulAsaran
  • I Miss You by Silver Cloud


Prompt #501: “Dawn on the Mountainside” by Atosen

Fun short piece. Well, maybe fun is the wrong word. This is very nicely written. Does a good job implying things with a very economical use of words. Recommended if you’ve got five minutes to read it.

Of Angels by PaulAsaran

This was nicely done. A neat twist on the story via letters concept. So glad I read this on the site. Without the colors it wouldn’t have been as good. Another good example of how to convey a story with a minimum of words. Plus a nice cameo by Discord.

I Miss You by Silver Cloud

For our last review of the day, we get a special treat. I found a old review that I had written on the back of a piece of paper some of a fictino story was on. Typing up that story and noticed the review on the back. So figured I would toss it at you people. Even though I already redid the review way back when I read the story. Which, oddly enough, was almost exactly a year ago. Here is the one I put up then.

This was sad. I had run into some spoilers so I don’t know how well the mid-story reveal would be for someone reading it blind (so to speak). Some of the middle letters are a bit sketchy. I have a hard time picturing Rainbow Dash writing letters when she is really emotional. Yours Truly got away with that sort of thing via handwaving magic and a bit of creative license. It had letters that might have been worded a little unrealistically, but the letters would have still been written in some for. The reverse timeline doesn’t work all that well. I think the letters were supposed to be some time apart, but many felt like they were written back to back.

I would recommend this as a good sad story. Average, but readable. Plus it’s got a mention of Rarity and Fluttershy shipping, which is one of my favorite mane six pairs.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 498

  1. Anonymous

    October 19, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Wait, did I time warp past Pony Stories 497? Is this still October!?

    • Griffin

      October 19, 2015 at 12:03 pm

      Um… All part of the plan! Now… Look over there *points* while I think up a plan it is a part of.


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