Big round number event

22 Oct

Figured I’d take the easy way out of the big round number of 500 numbered pony review posts and do something of a look back on what I’ve accomplished on the blog. Feel free to skip, I probably ramble a bit more than usual here. Some of this is stuff I toss out every now and then, but don’t think I’ve ever just done a full post on most of this.

I’ve been doing reviews of everything I read since the beginning of 2013. I had been reading One Man’s Pony Ramblings a bit that same year, though probably not from the start. Say since mid-2013. Mostly because I stumbled on it around when he did a bunch of guest posts and I found them all very good and some of the best writing advice I had run across. Then I stayed for the actual fan fiction reviews and found those just as enjoyable to read. Eventually I decided to actually give some ponyfic a read. Starting with Long Distance by EZN. The review of that one went up June 11, 2013. So I’ve reading (and reviewing) pony fan fiction for nearly two and a half years at this point. Jeeze. Lot of others have been doing it longer, and plenty do more in-depth reviews, and at least one person has done more (but I’m catching up!), but all in all not a bad showing.

Even though I do just cover my subjective opinions of a story right after finishing it, I’ve managed to get out some good thoughts about stories every now and then. Heck, just a week or so ago had a comment calling something I wrote brilliant. Which I feel was a bit of hyperbole. Still made my day.

But my main claim to fame is THE MASTER LIST, aka the big master review list. Which started out as just a page on my blog that I hand edited. Which was way too much work even though I wasn’t really putting that much on it. Switching to the spreadsheet had the downside of not being able to put it on my blog, but had the upside that it was sooooo much easier. As far as I can tell I started it March 5th, 2014. So I’ve been keeping that going for more than a year and a half. It’s something I’m pretty proud of, even if it’s so very much a niche thing. It’s helped some authors find reviews of their stories, I’ve probably given some reviews more attention than they would have gotten otherwise.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2425], Stories [5885], Total Reviews: [9703]

For a blog that I started just to have a makeshift wiki for a D&D campaign, then used as a place to post things without telling anyone as practice for writing in a semi-public environment, I think I’ve gotten a lot of mileage from it. Got me involved, even just peripherally, with the pony fandom. Which is really the first fandom I’ve been a part of by my own measure. Well, except maybe anime, but even then it was just something I enjoyed watching and occasionally talking about with friends.

Pony has gotten me actually talking to people online without using the buffer of a character on a MUCK. Even gotten me some friendly acquaintances. People I’d help move (but not move bodies) if location/money allowed the travel. Maybe even meet at a con if my social anxiety wasn’t flaring up. So, yeah, friendship via the magic of, um, friendship? Or at least friendship via reading and talking about good stories. Regardless of it being fan fiction or not.

How long will I keep the big master review list going? No clue. I plan to continue doing reviews of what I read for the foreseeable future. Just don’t know how long that will include ponyfic. I’m already trying to read more pony stuff to balance out my literature diet (so to speak) with limited success. I really am a creature of habit and pony short stories are just so easy to grab and read. Even if I go cold turkey on ponyfic I intend to keep writing down my thoughts on whatever I read because I don’t intend to give up reading anytime soon. Just will be interesting to see if my focus on pony will last compared to how long the show sticks around.

I hope to also add more roleplaying game stuff to the blog as well. Been looking at some of my RPG ideas lately and feeling a bit more inspired. Including the pony worldbook I’ve talked about from time to time. Spent two evening writing work hours reading and editing it, in fact. Which leads me to a side-effect of the blog. It’s gotten me to write a lot more. Not just the posts on the blog, but some of the people I interact with because of it have indirectly gotten me inspired. It’s a slow process, but the evening hour of writing (or writing related) has been a big step in the right direction. It wasn’t any one thing, but months of attempting to get myself into an author mindset led up to it and that wouldn’t have happened without the blog.

So, depression is kicking in more lately and the big master review list has gotten so big it is overwhelming more than enjoyable to work on, occasionally. Overall my life is doing better than it would have without it. So, yay for me and my efforts, and thanks to you people that keep checking out my ramblings. Normal content will resume tomorrow with the actual pony stories 500 post.

And yep, probably going to hit 10,000 reviews on the big master review list by the end of the year. Given that the two most prolific reviewers put together are responsible for less than half of that, pretty impressive. I’ll have to do another tally to count up all the reviewers I follow to update the main FimFiction page for it.

And now, a bit of light amusement. With picture!

Screenshot_1Behold, the glorious printer device manager Alicorn Princess!


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3 responses to “Big round number event

  1. Chris

    October 22, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Congratulations on getting to the big 5-0-0! Your reviews may be short, but I still enjoy them, and have added more than a couple of fics to my to-read list thanks to your comments.

    And I’m not gonna lie, the BMRL has been VERY handy for both keeping track of other peoples’ reviews; a lot of those reviewers aren’t thoughtful enough to either post their reviews in a format that makes searching them easy, or to keep a spreadsheet of their own, so you’re basically the only way to find any particular one of, say, TD’s reviews. It may be an esoteric quest you’re on, but I definitely appreciate it!

    • Griffin

      October 22, 2015 at 9:17 pm

      Always nice to know it’s helping someone out! Gives me a slightly less nerdy rationale to be doing spreadsheet data entry as a hobby.

  2. Loganberry

    October 23, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Adding my congrats for the imminent and not-quite-imminent milestones! I know I’ve read several fics after seeing your recs, plus quite a few more after they caught my eye in the BMRL. (Which, I might add, is amazing in so many ways.)


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