Writing Fragment

30 Oct

More fun with pony names! and literary devices, I suppose. Today is supposed to be a new reviewer post according to my occasionally followed schedule. But I don’t have one of those ready, and I just had this idea I wanted to type up. Huh. Write down an idea. Type up an idea. Wonder if that linguistic quirk means anything. Just sounds weird to say I typed down an idea. Aaaanyway, so normally I’d put the writing on Sunday and just put a review post here instead. But tomorrow’s a holiday and figured I’d leave it open in case I got struck by inspiration to do something fancy there instead.

No wait, today is Friday. Guh. Why is my brain convinced that Halloween is on Sunday?

It was getting late in the evening when the farmer saw a stranger walking slowly up the road from out of town. The stranger had a dark coat and a short cropped mane of a slightly lighter shade. The sun had just set, so the dim light of the evening made it difficult to pick out the colors. She waited until the stranger had gotten closer before smiling and waving a forehoof.

“Hey there! A bit late to be traveling, isn’t it?”

The stranger smiled back and waved, as ponies did when greeted. “I was really hoping to find a town to stay in by now. I don’t really like being out this late.”

“Well, you are almost there. Town is another half-hour or so casual trot down the road. Can I ask your name?”

The stranger paused and looked uncertain, then sighed and walked over to the fence along the side of the road. “I guess. I’m Ominous Foreshadowing.”

The farmer paused in mid-step to meet the stranger at the fence. Eyes reassesing the stranger. Black coat, what could be a dark red mane. Eyes looked over at the stranger’s cutie mark and saw what could only be a jailcell.

“Uhhh… What brings you around these parts?”

The stranger put a hoof to his face and let out a long-suffering sigh. “I’m actually a dark blue with a green mane. My cutie mark is a spreadsheet.” It was very, very obvious it was something he had to say a lot. “I’m just traveling through. I’m an accountant for Luna’s sake.”

“Does that mean-”

“I have no idea what your finances are like. I have no business in town about their finances. I’m honestly just passing through to see family over in Baltimare.”

“Oh. So why?”

“I think I wronged my parents in a previous life. I have no idea why they gave me this name. This is exactly why I don’t like traveling in the evening. Everypony immediately jumps to conclusions when I introduce myself.”

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