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31 Oct

Just finished re-watching an anime. C -The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, to be precise. Here is the post I had wrote up about it previously. Which is, dang, two years old at this point. Just thought I’d comment about what I felt about it this time through. Still enjoyed it, but not quite as much. Mostly the ending doesn’t hold up quite as well. Plus this time through I really disliked the main character. He was a fairly cliche indecisiveness protagonist doesn’t want to fight, doesn’t want to lose, but doesn’t want to hurt anybody. I’ve never been a big fan of that particular anime trope and I’ve been getting even more frustrated about it the more shows I watch with it. The ending of the show doesn’t hold up quite as well. It’s got the Fallout: Equestria problem in that the -idea- for the ending is really awesome, but the actual execution is lacking.

It’s still a show I’d recommend. It’s got some interesting visuals, a lot of cool ideas, and I enjoyed watching it the second time almost as much as the first. Possibly enjoyed the first half of the series even more. Plus the Lovecraftian touches were even better now that the cosmic horror is a bit closer to the surface of my mind due to the amount of that genre of reading I’ve been doing since the first watch. I’d even go so far as to say this show is a wonderful example of how to do proper modern cosmic horror perfectly. I guess global economy and high abstract finance mix pretty well with impossible to understand cosmic forces. Which I suppose is going to make diving back into that collection of short stories even worse since they are all so bland.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2448], Stories [5965], Total Reviews: [9863]

  • Princess Twilight’s Protector and the Prankster Pests by Chengar Qordath
  • Synchronicity by A Hoof-ful of Dust
  • Fluttershy Has Tea With Jesus by Retsamoreh

Princess Twilight’s Protector and the Prankster Pests by Chengar Qordath

Some fun moments and I still like the characters. Some of it was a little much for me, having somewhat a blurry opinion on the line between prank and just doing something mean to somebody. This’ll be a good choice if you need a Winningverse fix, or if you really liked the previous two stories with Princess Twilight’s bodyguard.

Synchronicity by A Hoof-ful of Dust

Pretty good. A bit too stylistic in some places, but I really like it it others. Like after the first diary entry we don’t get any of the exact entries until the end. It was a nice example of “and several days went by” sort if thing. It’s not a story where we get into the beads of either character. It’s a broad strokes of a love story where you just have to take the details for granted because the story implies or outright tells you about them, but never really shows any of the in detail stuff. Which the author pulls off quite well.

Fluttershy Has Tea With Jesus by Retsamoreh

Fluffy fun. A few amusing bits, a simple friendship lesson, and Twilight thinking about pulling out her emergency spectacles.

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