Pony Stories 509

03 Nov

Today you get me complaining a bit. So unusual, I know. That’s what you get when one of the purposes of this blog is to vent. This time we are back to writing. Writing is hard. Which I know some of you, at least one actual for-real sells-more-than-a-book-each-month author reads this, already know. I’m a pretty good writer when working in my narrow channel of competence (notice I don’t say expertise). Which is just writing things out from start to finish, or a couple of pieces and rearrange them. Then some editing and boom done. This actual write a lot of scenes and then have to arrange them and re-edit them to fit and figuring out a timeline for the story and working in foreshadowing and thematic front loading and, and, and… I’m still working on a scifi story that’s probably only going to be around 20k words, and like 75-80% of it is already written. But the pieces were written in a few different chunks for different ideas of the story. So I’ve been getting them all in the right order, seeing what fits and what I need to rewrite.

Which is half the problem. I really hate rewriting. Have this whole thing about writing purposefully actually. Part of my brain is still stuck on the writing as creative artistic process. Editing, sure, that’s just fixing things up. But re-writing a piece to deliberately add or remove things, or write to try and match a particular style? Still have trouble with that. One of the reasons I need a lot more practice and don’t actually call myself a real author much. Because that kind of thing is kind of a crucial part of the skill set.

But enough talk, have reviews! We continue the secret theme of the week. Anyone who correctly guesses it earns 100 points that can be added to the score of any game that allows the addition of internet points. I suggest you do not pick golf.

  • “Mah Barn Door Don’t Swing That Way!” by Cerulean Voice
  • Chronophthisis by DemonBrightSpirit
  • Petriculture by Kwakerjak

“Mah Barn Door Don’t Swing That Way!” by Cerulean Voice

Hee. That was a fun story. Had a good Pinkie Pie in it and a nice cameo of the cake twins.

Chronophthisis by DemonBrightSpirit

Princess Celestia pondering her immortality. It is one long internal monologue. Fairly well done, going with an angle not many use. I think I’ve only seen it once elsewhere. Though can’t remember what story it was. If you like Celestia immortality stories, this is right up your alley.

That was an interesting idea for Pinkie Pie’s back story. Certainly didn’t guess anything close either. Of course watching the recent Pie family episode kills this even more than meeting Maud did. Which is good, since that way we got the amazingness of Limestone Pie.

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