Pony Stories 511

05 Nov

Just a bunch of little stuff for the intro bit today. Fluffy stuff really. First off, you will never convince me that girl in Friendship Games is not Lightning Dust. Nope, the credits of the movie, any in-movie dialogue, or that her hair is a different color isn’t good enough to contradict the fact that it’s just so obviously a human version of Lightning Dust. Second, I want the Shadowbolts girl with the music and headphones to be Vinyl’s evil twin sister. Lastly (for today anyway) I’ve been working on my ongoing project of the MLP RPG worldbook. One of the fun parts is I’ve been grabbing monsters and stuff that I’ve liked from fanfics I’ve read, and at this point I’ve got a pretty good half-dozen or so pretty unusual monsters that fit perfectly in D&D type settings.

  • Burning Day Brethren by Cerulean Voice
  • How Sunset Rose by Oroboro
  • Inscape by Kwakerjak

Burning Day Brethren by Cerulean Voice

An interesting bit of worldbuilding for the phoenix. Plus an interesting comparison between various worlds and a look at time and memory. Not that it’s a particularly serious story. It touches on the topics rather than deeply exploring them. Still, was a very good read and one I’d recommend to nearly anyone. Sorry that it took me so long to get to reading it.

How Sunset Rose by Oroboro

Sunset Shimmer cutie mark story. Simple, but we’ll done. I really enjoyed how it was subtle in showing the flaws that would lead to Sunset’s fall later in life. Plus a tiny peek at Princess Celestia as well. Nothing too deep, but if you are in the mood for a slightly fluffy piece, this one is better than most.

Inscape by Kwakerjak

Really liked how Twilight Sparkle’s inner mind was depicted. Plus it has this great line: “Are you seriously telling me that we’re going to save Equestria by listening to one of Twilight’s boring lectures?”

All in all, very enjoyable. Twilight Sparkle gets corrupted by the Nightmare and attempts to take over Equestria. Using an exhaustively researched written proposal and a multi-hour presentation with a question and answer session.

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Posted by on November 5, 2015 in Ponies, Reading 2015, Reviews


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  1. Present Perfect

    November 5, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    Actually, you can see Vinyl and Lemon Zest (headphones Shadowbolt) hanging out in the background of the scene where Sci-Twi is talking to Cadence at the end. I didn’t know about it until yesterday!


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