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06 Nov

ON330I’ve been thinking a bit on fan fiction and authorship in general. Not in any serious way, just has been what my idle thoughts have been turning towards lately. Related to why I try to be real gentle and nice to even the bad stories I read. Been pondering on a specific part of it in general, though I haven’t gotten it precisely defined even in my head yet. Basically it’s that even the most shallow work of fan fiction has merit. Not to be read, but just as something someone has created. That the act of creation, and the further act of showing it to other people, is an accomplishment that justifies the work’s existence. I know this is hardly a world shaking revelation. Similar thoughts have been expressed countless times before. In the comic on the left, for instance. Don’t remember where I came across it, but the message is something I think is important. I’m a big believer in that we are all just collections of chemicals and physics, but the act of creative creation, any act of creation is one of the few times a person can become more than the sum of their biology.

  • The Equestria Games: Flight of the Pegasi by Cerulean Voice
  • Avocation by Kwakerjak
  • Trixie vs. Equestria by PaulAsaran

The Equestria Games: Flight of the Pegasi by Cerulean Voice

Pretty good. I don’t think the surprises that Celestia puts in the event are that good an idea. At least not as presented, anyway. If it was made clear at the start that there would be character-testing events then it would have made sense. But just out of the blue was just crazy. I could totally believe in the surprises being done, just not without some warning. On the other hand, this did feel a lot. like the show. Just the right amount of fluffy and sincere with a bit of action and goodness overcoming meanness.

Avocation by Kwakerjak

This is told entirely by letters to Princess Luna. A letter story is one of the styles I enjoy and this one was done well. Didn’t have the impact of Yours Truly, which I really should read again sometime soon, but this was enjoyable. If you’ve read the first two, you should read this one. It was also interesting to take Penumbra’s reactions to the mass-produced clouds and extrapolate to having Princess Luna have similar feelings. Penumbra having a lot of Luna in her personality after all.

Trixie vs. Equestria by PaulAsaran

I’m a bit conflicted by this story. It’s good, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it. I liked large parts of it and a lot of the ideas were pretty cool. Though I did guess at the twist about Celestia’s statue, though I’m disappointed that hers didn’t turn out to be the statue of the unknown Alicorn. Overall? I think this falls into the category of I wrote several paragraphs about it once I was done, so at the very least it’s worth checking out even if I’m not enthusiastically overjoy about having read it.

I think my main problem is that it actual held too close to the original inspiration. I liked Scott Pilgrim (the movie version anyway, I haven’t read the comic and I’m lead to believe it diverges considerably), but this story could have used a bit more distance. Scott Pilgrim worked because all of the elements worked together, and taking some bits out while changing others throws the whole thing off.

Another part is that I spent the entire story frustrated by Trixie. I know her being emotional and confused was a major theme of the story, but I would have liked her to at least once sit down and think through things logically. Instead of having extreme emotional reactions to everything and then be confused anytime she tried to think of anything more nuanced than getting punched in the face.

Also, plot convenience seemed to be really strong. It really felt like many of her fights she won because the plot said so. Only so many times I can watch her get beaten up until there is a !moment of epiphany which gives her the strength to win. Just kind of takes the tension out when I know she’s not going to lose is all. The fight with Fine Crime near the end was basically the template for every other fight. Trixie not winning because of her own skills, but because of something external. With that fight it was actual plot stuff, but in the other fights not so much. Just bothered me is all. One of the main indications was that Trixie never drew on her experiences fighting in the later battles. Magic reflection shield she used in the fight with Rainbow Dash? Never used again. She doesn’t even use the same tactics or anything. Or even a moment where she is surprised at how much stronger her magic is from the constant fighting. Or really anything that indicates she’s grown as a character. Emotionally, sure, I guess I can accept that even if I felt it was a bit mishandled, but even just Trixie comparing the fight with Twilight to the first fight with Rarity would have been something. Or even Trixie gaining confidence by noticing that Twilight must be worried if she took the steps she took to face Trixie.

Those annoyances both big and small aside I did read this in two sittings. So even if I didn’t like parts, I always wanted to know what happened next.


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  1. stoppage

    November 7, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Finding the time and actual effort to generate a
    superb article… but what can I say… I put
    things off a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

    • Griffin

      November 7, 2015 at 10:48 am

      For me, it’s just a matter of cranking out stuff regardless of quality. If you put out something every day you occasionally get good ones. Just can’t let the other 99% of crud to kinda-crud bother you.


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