Pony Stories 516

13 Nov

Yeah, been kind of a bleh week. Still, in the interests of not having the same post at the top of the page forever, he’s another set of ponyfic reviews.

  • Letters by Coronet the lesser
  • What is Missing, What is Lost by PaulAsaran
  • Why Don’t You Tell Them? by Titanium Dragon

Letters by Coronet the lesser

A lonely Princess Celestia story. Very typical of that sub genre, but in that boundary quite good. A few good Celestia character moments as well.

What is Missing, What is Lost by PaulAsaran

Good, but felt incomplete. Which is just a result of the concept being compressed into a short story. The author hits all the important points and it has the appropriate emotional weight, but a lot of the skimmed over story just begs for more detail. Which is the cry of the event unsatisfied reader. The idea of a seventh element of harmony not just missing, but lost, was an interesting one. Still doesn’t justify putting in a seventh element when six is fitted perfectly, but that was part of the constraints of the story so it doesn’t lose points for that.

Why Don’t You Tell Them? by Titanium Dragon

A brief look at becoming an Alicorn and why Princess Celestia isn’t more open about the process. Looking at achieving Immortality from a different angle than a lot of stories do. How ponies (or people) might react to the knowledge that Immortality has to be earned, and not everypony can reach it. I liked it, but I tend to like meandering topic monologues like this. Even though it is technically a two pony conversation. No real story (though it does imply at least on in the Princesses past), just Princess Celestia answering a question.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 516

  1. Titanium Dragon

    December 2, 2015 at 3:30 am

    I’m glad you liked Why Don’t You Tell Them?! I have something of a love for stories like this, but I’ve been trying to dial back a little on writing too many of them, because I feel like I’ve leaned a bit too heavily on these conversation pieces lately.

    Still, I’m glad this one worked for you.

    • Griffin

      December 3, 2015 at 1:30 pm

      It’s good to keep pushing yourself as a writer. Though I did enjoy this one so I hope you don’t stop writing this sort of thing completely.


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