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14 Nov

Hey, posting in the morning as usual. Only took a horrific terrorist incident to get me to do it. Hmm… That seems like a bad precedent to set. What if there’s someone out there that really, really wants me to put up a post every day? Oh, and put up a late post yesterday. Here’s the link for that set of reviews. It doesn’t have any heavy or deep stuff in the intro bit.

Anyway, was writing this up as a comment on one of the many posts about the Paris incident over on FimFiction and decided that it was more than a quick line or two and decided to put it up here. It’s a retouch on my feelings on terrorist attacks in general, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked about it on the blog except in passing.

The best way to deal with this sort of things is just to mourn the fallen, try to get the specific people involved arrested/stopped, then move on. It doesn’t even really matter why they did it. Safeguards against a couple of peoples with guns shooting up the place should work regardless of motive after all. You do the best you can, knowing that no security is 100% successful and that occasionally the real crazy people get through because you can’t predict them. Stuff like this is loud and often scary, but in the end it’s not important enough to lose more than a moment’s composure over. Unless you were directly affected of course, but even then it’s best to not let emotions get in the way of rational decision making.

For comparison I will use the rule of thumb I’ve started to use ever since I did the numbers for my own country a while back. Keep in mind these are rough numbers gotten from about a half-hour of casual internet research. Each year in France around 3000 people die in automobile accidents. Since 2003, the total combined deaths of all terrorist attacks in France total up to around 200, with another 300 or so inured. To put it another way, the fairly horrible events last night equaled about 4% of the number of people killed in car crashes this year. Pretty sure that we can do more about car accidents than terrorism. At least from a proactive standpoint.

Anyway, ponyfic reviews!

  • Scar Tissue by RadiantBeam
  • The Many Complications of Interspecies Romance by HapHazred
  • The Evolution of Harmony by Thornwing

Scar Tissue by RadiantBeam

What you see on the label is what you get. If the idea in the description interests you, then you should read the story. Because that is what you get, no more and no less.

The Many Complications of Interspecies Romance by HapHazred

A fun story with just enough depth to be worth reading aside from the silliness. Plus some sweet romance mixed in as well. Though it is shipping so you’ll just have to accept the relationship. It is already going and doesn’t do a whole lot to reinforce the pair. If you accept it, some good bits but if you don’t its not going to convince you. However, the emotional part of the relationship isn’t really the main focus of the story.

The Evolution of Harmony by Thornwing

There were a few neat ideas here and I enjoy seeing references to the previous generations of pony even though I’ve never seen any of it myself. Yet the writing is really rough and in places I was having a hard time with it. Grammar and spelling seemed fine. This was more story paving level of things. Characters often just did things that made little sense, or did things that felt like a step or two was missing. The dialogue at no point felt natural. Hopefully the author will keep practicing so that he can develop better writing skills to compliment his already good imagination.

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