Pony Stories 519

23 Nov

Hopefully, hopefully I’ll get to a more regular posting schedule once again sometime this week. Until then, have this for now. In non-pony news I gave in and got Fallout 4 and been playing it a decent amount. Fun enough if you enjoy that sort of thing. Which I in general do, so I’m having fun. Even got some mods on it at the moment. Just a few tiny things, and adding greenery. Still haven’t made it through the main plot and since I’m trying to be all immersive roleplaying playthrough I haven’t been exploring nearly as much as I should. Hoping that it won’t be another you win the main plot and can’t go and explore like Fallout 3 was originally. Either way, going to spend a lot of time poking around. Maybe even go the settlement mini-game they obviously put a lot of work into that I’ve been utterly ignoring.

Now for today’s ponyfic reviews. Which are all of really really old stories gotten from the far end of my read later bookshelf.

  • “Loyalty” Begins With an L by shortskirtsandexplosion
  • Nopony Needs to Know by shortskirtsandexplosions
  • A Cold Morning In September by Aqua Fortis

“Loyalty” Begins With an L by shortskirtsandexplosion

Once more trying to clear out the older stories on my read later list. This one is three years old at this point. Though I suspect it has only been on my list for a year or two. Anyway, it’s a decent story. Not one of ss&e’s best, but not a bad read. Got a bit of emotion in it. Though no real emotional response from me. I didn’t most of the story trying to figure out what was bugging Rainbow Dash. Actually managed to surprise me, wasn’t exactly where I thought the story going. Mostly because a lot of fan fiction takes it for granted.

Nopony Needs to Know by shortskirtsandexplosions

Another older one. Also another emotional one where I spent more on trying to figure out what was bugging Applejack than getting immersed in the story. Not that it was badly written or anything. Though it was a bit on the inexperienced side. Still, for a Rainbow Dash and Applejack friendshipping story it hits the spot.

A Cold Morning In September by Aqua Fortis

Not really pony fan fiction. Generic if sincere story about the September 11th terrorist attack with pony nouns swapped in. As a story it is lacking, but it really felt more like a reaction piece than anything else. Which makes it hard to judge on any objective measure. I suspect the author just needed to get it out if their system. Just wish it had been a little adapted to pony, but it literally was just a reaction piece to that attack on the US with pony names and places, such as it taking place in Canterlot (but never actually saying what happened specifically) and then the guard getting sent over to a desert place to strike back. So not really recommended even if, unlike me, you have an emotional connection or reaction to those events.

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