Ten Thousand Reviews

05 Dec


In honor of the big master review list passing the 10k reviews mark, today you get some shallow analysis and comparisons using the numbers from it. Another thing about catching up is sometimes you find that you missed big chunks of something. Like I, purely by accident, found out that I missed adding an entire set of reviews from Titanium Dragon. Read It Later Reviews #36, to be specific. Which involved five stories that were already on the list. So adding the review links was easy-peasy. Other than a single post of PresentPerfect’s short story reviews (which don’t count) as of typing this up I’m all current. Hopefully nobody will post a review in the next 28 hours before this goes live.

Going to be doing the numbers I’ve done before, number of reviews per story, most reviewed stories, that sort of thing. I don’t really have the spreadsheet skills to do anything fancy. All of this is by hand for the most part. I do have some ambition to do a few more bits, but they would be more work. Anyone interested in me finding out the most reviewed authors? Or interested in me re-checking how much different reviewers overlap? Something else you’d like me to crunch the data from the list about? I’m open to suggestions for things to attempt.

10,000th review is of the story The Cancellation of Prince Blueblood by Georg on the Louder Yay blog

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2484], Stories [6100], Total Reviews: [10137]

Here is how many stories have how many reviews. 3,849 stories have only one review as an example. Comparing the current numbers with the last time I counted when the total reviews were 8,519. Seems the general ratios remained about the same. Still no stories with 11 reviews.

Number of Reviews December 4th, 2015 July 5th, 2015
1 3,849 3,376
2 1,322 1,178
3 486 3,99
4 227 180
5 114 87
6 48 34
7 28 15
8 15 12
9 8 2
10 2 0
11 0 0
12 1 1

Here is a comparison between then and now. Last time I worked out the top reviewed stories was six months ago, when the total number of reviews was 8,519. Back then I only did the top 15 or so, everything with 8 or more reviews. So all the ones in the right column marked 7 or less were not on the previous list. Some of them might not have even been released at that point.

Title Author December 4th, 2015 July 5th, 2015
In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep Lucky Dreams 12 12
Queen of Queens JawJoe 10 9
Beneath your feet, what Treasures TheJediMasterEd 10 8
The Motion of the Stars Carabas 9 7 or less
Essenza di Amore Cerulean Voice 9 7 or less
Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift JawJoe 9 8
It’s a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door Jetfire2012 9 7 or less
Fallout: Equestria Kkat 9 8
To Love the Sun Magello 9 9
Of Angels PaulAsaran 9 7 or less
Past Sins Pen Stroke 9 8
Far From The Tree Aquaman 8 8
Moonlight Palaver Carabas 8 8
For Whom We Are Hungry Cold in Gardez 8 8
The Destruction of the Self Cold in Gardez 8 7 or less
Off the Edge of the Map Daetrin 8 8
A Canterlot Carol GhostOfHeraclitus 8 7 or less
Riverdream at Sunset: a Manuscript GroaningGreyAgony 8 7 or less
The Celestia Code iisaw 8 8
Anthropology JasonTheHuman 8 8
More Than You Know Obselescence 8 8
A Diamond and a Tether PatchworkPoltergeist 8 7 or less
All of It, for Her Pav Feira 8 7 or less
…And Borrowing Dulls The Edge Of Husbandry Softy8088 8 7 or less
Little Deceptions Taranth 8 8
The New Crop xjuggernaughtx 8 7 or less

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3 responses to “Ten Thousand Reviews

  1. Present Perfect

    December 5, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    haha, well, at least I waited until after you posted this to put up my next journal :V

    I think the only one on this list I haven’t read is The New Crop. I mean, technically I haven’t reviewed IaDBGOYD, but I’m technically in the middle of reading that. <.< Even if I haven't for like five months.

  2. Loganberry

    December 5, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    That’s quite a landmark; nice going! 😀

    10,000th review is of the story The Cancellation of Prince Blueblood by Georg on the Louder Yay blog

    Woo, and indeed hoo! 😛 I’m rather relieved that the story I reviewed for that landmark was one I quite liked, even if it was overshadowed by… The New Crop. (See how I can segue, yay.) There are still a few stories on the “much-reviewed fics” list I haven’t read, though Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift is one I keep thinking about doing. I have at least heard of all of them, though.

  3. Adrian “Adrenaline” Perry

    December 7, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    Wow, cool! My fic is equal 4th in terms of reviews! I’m finally in the top 0.04% of something for once in my life! 😀


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