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08 Dec

I’ve gotten through Austraeoh. It wasn’t quite as good the second time through. Partly because I was thinking about how different the sequel was. But I think the big change was knowing what was going on and what was going to happen. The short chapters lose a bit of their impact when the big picture is known. Eljunbyro, on the other hand, I’m just kind of slogging through. It started out okay, but kind of dragging where I am at the moment. It hasn’t been quite as easy to read again. Partly because I really don’t like the villain, but mostly because knowing what’s going to happen means I’m impatient since the first part of the story is basically all build-up and suspense and backstory.

  • Moonshine by bookplayer

Moonshine by bookplayer

Got reminded of this one more or less by free association. Decided that I should pop it to the top of my reading list after noticing a comment from bookplayer on someone else’s blog about how the fluffy piece about Rainbow Dash got attention and this one didn’t. So wanted to start off by saying the reason I tend to get to the fluffy ones over the not-so-fluffy ones is that I tend to save the not-so-fluffy stories for later and the fluffy ones are quick to just nom and move on.

As for the story itself, it’s pretty good. The period dialogue is a bit hard to follow sometimes. Could have used a bit more romance, but would have to be longer for that to work. If the author(s) ever do a sequel I’m certainly going to be reading it soon after its finished. The choices for which characters to include was nicely handled. One oif the reasons a sequel would be interesting is to see how the other two of the mane six are handled. Anyway, I’d recommend this one. Not my favorite if the author’s stories on FimFiction, but probably one the the better written ones. It was too short and I wanted more. Which is the second best compliment I can give a story.

This one is a shipping story that avoids the main problem with such stories. It doesn’t have the build-up to the romance, but it does make the attraction and emotional connection between Applejack and Rainbow Dash believable. It feels like just a part of their lives and the assumption of their feelings makes it feel like just a middle chapter in their story rather than just an unconnected bit floating in isolation.

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