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20 Dec

I’m such a nerd. I got some art commissioned and found a place online that does custom calendars. So for 2016 I’ve got a personalized pony calendar with pony holiday names and pony fanart each month. In other money for ponies news, the physical books for Life and Times of Winning Pony are getting close to being ready for orders. I’m thinking about actually getting a copy. It wasn’t my favorite ponyfic, but there was cool stuff and I did enjoy reading it. Plus, as I keep saying each time it comes up, the Changeling attack in the second half is the best integration of fan fiction and show events I’ve run across.

Long-ish review today. As always, this doesn’t mean I put more effort into cleaning it up and raising the quality. Just means I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to get down and think through during and right after reading the story.

  • Odrsjot by Imploding Colon

Odrsjot by Imploding Colon

Well, that was a kick in the gut. This one had moments that were fairly rough emotionally speaking. Including one huge one. So consider it a warning for emotional gut punches. 95% of this story was quite good. Wrapped up the whole mess of stories two, three, and four in a satisfying fashion.


Spoilers after this point.


Not big ones, but still worth commenting on.


Including spoiling one event in Project Horizons. Huh. I bet this was written before PH was een started. The beginning of the series for sure.


The first thing is cool that the Changelings make an appearance. My first reaction was that it made no sense that Rainbow Dash didn’t know what they were. Then I remembered that Austeroth’s point of AU divergence is the start of season two and the Changelings were at the end of season two. Which also puts into perspective just how long these stories have been running.

Onto the big point of frustration.

I can’t decide if the ending is a good one or a bad one. On one hand it delivered a huge emotional moment and wrapped by the major villain of three of the four books of the series. On the other hand it feels like it was dark and depressing and despair for no good reason. Not to mention tainting the entire series from here going forward.

The story gave us a hard earned happy ending. Characters making hard emotional choices all around. Goodbyes said and journeys ended, resolved reborn, and a home and family created. Then to have that all utterly destroyed for no reason except for the emotional devastation. Huh.

Not that the bad events didn’t have a good cause. Even had some foreshadowing. Or at least there was foreshadowing that something bad would happen. Yet it was so terrible and had such cruelty, right after an emotional high point and natural ending point, that it just seemed forced despite being a natural extension of plot and character elements in the story. Even the second story of the series that I disliked the constant downward negativity wasn’t as bad as this.

As for ruining the rest of the story from this point on, now I can’t trust and happiness. Which might be somewhat realistic and/or dramatic, but I’ve almost entirely lost interest in reading further when I know that any bright point, any happy resolution, any satisfying moment can be torn down and burned to ash. As much as I like dark and/or depressing stories I like them because they provide a sharper contrast for hope and optimism. I don’t require a story to have a happy ending. What I want is that there is hope for a happy ending, or that the character is satisfied with their part, or some indication that the darkness of suffering has brought the chance of better times at some point in the future. The ending of this story has removed that as a possibility. Or more correctly removed my faith in that possibility. I no longer can believe that the flow of the story with push through the darkness towards optimism. Or even more precisely, that every time the story does present something good I can’t trust that it won’t just be doing just it to drop from a greater height.

I mean, hell, I’m feeling more charitable towards Project Horizons at the moment, and that has a scene where the main character is crucified and while her legs are nailed to the floor she is brutally raped for hours. At least she got cool cybernetic legs after that. With thumbs!

So, now I’ve got to decide if I even want to read past this point. I’m having flashbacks to the moment in Code Geass that made me stop watching and not come back until two years later.

Still, it was an effective emotional moment and I bet it accomplished exactly what the author intended. So I can’t honest!y say it was a bad ending.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 530

  1. Max

    December 20, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong. but isn’t that the point with that author? As far as I’ve understood it from what little of their work that I’ve read/skimmed through, NONE of them have happy endings, and the entire point of each of them seems to be that everything is terrible and horrible, so you’d better get what little moments of happiness you can before life takes it away because it’s going to. Nothing will be happy, everything is misery, and if you’re struggling for anything else your effort is completely wasted.

    They’re incredibly nihilistic. I read a few of them, skimmed a few others, and then stopped, because that’s all they are and once you get that, you can figure out the ending to ALL of them.

    • Griffin

      December 21, 2015 at 7:57 am

      Not exactly. For most of them it’s more of an up and down thing. There are moments of triumph and moments of despair. I mean there are happy endings for some of the characters that come and go. Even in this one a handful of them actually find a new home and there is hope that they will be building something new and better with new friends. Plus the world is always a better place for Rainbow Dash’s presence. Her life might not be the brightest thing around, but her traveling through places always makes them better in some way.

      I think that a lot of it is that one of the running themes is that hope and faith triumphs over adversity, but the author is kind of uneven on how well he manages to portray it. My main problem with this one was that the end seems to retroactively reach back and ruin a nice content ending for some of the characters. Which is why it bothered me so much. Also, the third book pretty much did have a happy ending.

      As for the stories being nihilistic, I’m not sure I would agree. Like I said a moment ago, Rainbow Dash pretty much always makes where ever she goes a better place. Not always in the best way of course. Plus there is the whole thread of fate theme going on. That she’s being guided to a greater purpose, which may or may not be saving the world? Anyway that there is a greater purpose that is guiding her path.

      Now that I think about it I guess the only two consistent themes of the four stories I’ve read is that Rainbow Dash makes bad decisions on a regular basis, and that being a prophesied hero sucks.

  2. Adrian “Adrenaline” Perry

    December 21, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Fuck yeah Ponty stories!

    …damn, I really need to get past Austraeoh and onto the others at some point in my life. That was actually very recently knocked out of my top five favourite stories.

    • Griffin

      December 21, 2015 at 8:17 am

      I’m not sure I would recommend it. Just sticking with reading the first one might be the best way to go.

      Also, I don’t know what you are talking about. The title of the blog post has always been correctly spelled. That letter t was never there.


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