Pony Stories 534

06 Jan

All done updating the big master review list with the backlog of the last couple of months. That took a while even in my new year rush of energy and productivity. I don’t think I mentioned it before, at least not precisely, but I’ve added a new feature to the list. Well, half of a feature. If you look at the bottom of the spreadsheet window you’ll see there is a second page. That has real time numbers on how many reviews each reviewer has done (which isn’t new) and it also has numbers for how many stories have how many reviews (which is new). As a feature it is only half done. I really want to figure out a way where I can display the overlap for reviews. How many reviews each story reviewed by a reviewer has. Man that was a tortured sentence. Guess I’ll just hope that the basic description and the visual layout of the spreadsheet can explain what I mean. If anyone knows how to put a formula in a spreadsheet cell that can search two cells on another sheet of the same spreadsheet I’d be happy to learn.

In fact, I’ve been doing more with the spreadsheet. Or at least plan to. There is another page that has all the reviewers on the list and their page links. Mostly the same information as on the big master list home page, but this is more convenient for me when it will be time to add new names to it. Soon, once again due to PresentPerfect (whose massive amount of reviews was what made me start the big master list in the first place) I will have a fourth page that will cover all the short story collection reviews. Which should also make my accounting of PresetPerfect’s review numbers a little more accurate when it is finally done.

  • Em Dash by Cloud Hop

Em Dash by Cloud Hop

Apparently I never typed up my reaction to this. Probably because it was one I read to my mom and I normally do that with stories I’ve already read, but this time it was new for both of us. Anyway. Was lots of fun, predictable but enjoyable comedy.


4 responses to “Pony Stories 534

  1. Max

    January 6, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Where is the Big Master Review List? The link seems to have been moved.


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