Pony Stories 535

07 Jan

As if we needed any more proof that Skywriter was one of us:


Yep. Good friends write good fanfic together. Which is probably why I write scribbling in the dark isolated from all human contact. No, wait, that doesn’t explain the non-fanfic I write. Dang. Though I have started on a second pony fanfic. If I find a finishing point I’ll even get my editor to look it over and actually listen to her this time. Since, you know, it’s not 10k words of humanized pony clop. Ugh. Anyway, already got more than the FimFiction minimum word limit (1000, right?) so just need to keep going utnil I get to a ending to wrap it up. Just a little slice of life involving some headcanon and, so far, like four mostly subtle references to other fanfic. Alarm Clock, The Quiet Game, and… one other I think? All in a lunch between friends that are off the top of my head OCs.

  • The Millennial Vault by Door Matt

The Millennial Vault by Door Matt

Pretty neat story. A little light on the details, which is mostly intentional. I think it could have used as bit more build up before getting to the vault itself. Though not sure how that would have worked with the main character as newspony from somewhat remote town. Still, god use of bystander protagonist and cool nameless unknown monster. I really did get the feeling that it was a malevolent force of some kind, not just some generic unknowable Lovecraft entity. This would make a pretty good foundation for a longer story.

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