Ponyfic Fragment: Interdimensional Real Estate

11 Jan

No review today. Mostly because I don’t have one ready and I don’t want to delay getting a post out today any further. Even if I’ve fallen into bad habits and not being very productive, posting something of substance (for certain definitions) every day is really important to me. So today you get a bit of writing I did while working on the fanfic I’m writing. It’s a bit that popped up but won’t actually have any place to fit into the story itself. Which, happy to say, is not the case with the joke about Fluttershy killing a guy. That’s totally going into the story.

Anyway! The context of this is my vague headcanon about Vinyl and Octavia’s house as seen in episode 100. The sharp divide between the two halves got me thinking that their two houses got merged together when Discord got free. They decided to go along with it and became roommates. Which has always been my favorite version of the two of them anyway. So this is a conversation between their landlords about how to deal with the rent situation in the aftermath.

“Look, we either settle this with a simple compromise here or take it to court for an official ruling on things.”

“Yeah? You think it won’t go your way so you are trying to make a deal now. Well, I’m on to you. Let’s go to court buddy.”

“You moron. If we take this to court, who do you think will end up ruling on dimensionally skewed and spliced real estate law?”

Both sets of ears folded back as the two ponies glanced in the direction of the tree in the middle of town. Then they looked back at each other.

“Compromise sounds good to me. I don’t want a week long lecture on differences between modern and ancient real estate law.”

“Or how exciting studying the dimensional spacetime folds, or the precedents for the case stretching back a thousand years.”

Also, got one of the nice spam emails. The ones that just praise me in vague general terms.

You’re so cool! I don’t believe I’ve read through a single thing like that before.
So great to discover someone with some genuine thoughts on this issue.
Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website
is something that is required on the web, someone with some originality!

So yeah, all you people should observe my originality! Pay no attention to the fact that my main project is stalking you guys and building off everyone else’s work.

I also got this one:

The Australian Investments and Security Commission (ASIC) and NSW Fair Trading are now investigating numerous companies connected to 38-year-old Andrew (Andreas) Triantafyllos.

Three of the entities linked to Mr Triantafyllos, Dream Drives Sydney Pty
Ltd, Superfleet Australia Pty Ltd, and Superfleet Sydney Pty Ltd, have entered into liquidation.

The ABC understands three major banks are now pursuing Mr Triantafyllos on behalf of customers for nearly $2.5 million owed to them.

Okay, I know at least one of you is down in the blasted wasteland man was never meant to inhabit, aka Australia. Did one of you get my blog mixed in with crazy down under financial fraud? I knew the mimic octopi had to be up to something!

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