Pony Stories 542

17 Jan

Ha! Remembered just in time to get this in under the wire. Anyway. I’ve gotten sucked back into Fallout 4. My main complaint is something so minor that it pales in comparisons to all the actual bugs and poor design decisions of the game. Yet it constantly bothers me. Unlike the previous games the company has put out (Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim) this one does not show your equipped weapon when you’ve got it holstered. Given that I stuck to a single weapon all of Fallout 3 because I liked how the laser pistol looked on my character’s hip, this is annoying. I could almost understand if the weapon didn’t show up when you were in power armor, but ugh.

But enough of that, now for the ponyfic reviews.

  • Our Gifts by The Descendant
  • Twilight gets Stoned and Stares at her Hoof by Admiral Biscuit

Our Gifts by The Descendant

You know how some people take all the leaves in their backyard into a big pile and then jump into it and roll around in it? This story is basically that, except that instead of leaves it’s the author’s feelings about Spike and Twilight’s relationship. It is a bit telly, but there really isn’t any other way to compress a lifetime of experiences into brief fond memories. If you need an extra concentrated dose of sweet holiday Twilight and Spike family moments, this is the story you want to read. It is basically weapon grade yield of exactly that. The author writes Spike a big younger than my personal preference, but he does it so well that I can’t bring myself to mind.

Twilight gets Stoned and Stares at her Hoof by Admiral Biscuit

Hee. Mostly before and after the actual event, but the title is basically what you get. One joke but short and hilarious.

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