Pony Stories 548

24 Jan

Whew. Another one just under the wire. Really need to start checking that I’ve posted earlier in the day. Also, as a warning, I’m going to start posting my old reviews over on FimFiction once again. So if you are following me over there you will want to brace yourself for another while of multiple notifications a day from my FimFiction blog.

  • Anything But The Gala by Ponibius
  • To Whom It May Concern by Pascoite

Anything But The Gala by Ponibius

A fun story. Falls into or if my favorite sub genres. Not sure what to call it though. High fantasy slice of life? Anyway, the majority of the story is Princess Luna talking about the gala while she and another Alicorn Princess are dealing with some terrible problem. Like a demon or evil warlock seeking a powerful artifact or a mind control monster. I find that sort of thing really fun, that the world shaking adventure stuff is just sort of the nine to five job. Anyway, I will liked this even though the last chapter was the weakest.

To Whom It May Concern by Pascoite

Eh, not bad. Most of it was even decent quality. Didn’t have the extremely perceptive Rarity I enjoy the most, which is a shame. I like it when Rarity is analyzing even little clue and word choice in a conversation. The end, however, was a letdown. It is just too hard to believe that Rarity would be married to Blueblood. Or say that she still loves him. How the heck did Blueblood manage that? So really, this story started out strong and had a gradual downward life of quality. Never gets bad mind you. Just kind of disappointing. Yet it’s short enough that it is still worth a read if you want a bit if sad shipping fluff to fill a few minutes.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 548

  1. Pascoite Fics

    January 25, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Not sure whether you’re saying the quality went down toward the end or just your enjoyment, because if it’s the former, I’d be interested to know why you feel that way. As to how Rarity ended up with Blueblood, she addresses that directly when she says that she thought he had changed. It’s also implied that Rarity does know what’s going on. The last sentence in the description hows that she’s aware of Twilight’s feelings, and the last thing she says to Twilight shows that she’s been holding back on acknowledging it to her, but she finally gives in.

    • Griffin

      January 25, 2016 at 12:01 pm

      My enjoyment. The quality remained consistent. This was very much a personal preference over writing quality situation.

      I did get that Rarity knew what was going on and all that. As for Blueblood, I took Rarity’s comment as being a ongoing thing for their marriage. He keeps promising to change, but never does. Given that the trouble mentioned is gambling, and that has nothing to do with the type of pony he was when Rarity met him, I didn’t really feel any connection with why they had gotten married.

      It’s not so much that Rarity didn’t know what is going on, but that I really enjoy it when that awareness is a more moment to moment thing. Like she notices the body language and word choices of those around her. So, more of a style thing than character thing.


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