Pony Stories 553

29 Jan

Just finished typing up the first chapter of my unnamed pony fanfic. Turns out to be 3000 or so words. Which is more than I thought it would be seeing it written down on paper. Going to have my editor give it a run-through and probably just put it up. Thought about waiting for finishing the second (of two) chapters, but that might take a while. So looks like I’m going to try this story-in-progress incomplete thing.

So You’ve Just Slept With Your Best Friend by Nyronus

I’ve read worse starts (story-wise anyway) for a romantic relationship. This could easily be the start of a longer romance story, but works pretty well just as itself as well. Short and simple without being shallow. Though I don’t have much to say about it, so wasn’t exceptional or anything either. I would firmly place this in plausible, but perhaps not probable on a scale of character voices and/or shipping.


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Posted by on January 29, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


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