Pony Stories 558

14 Feb

Well, I figured out at least part of why depression is kicking my ass lately. Now if there was only an easy fix for it. In other news, spending a bit of time lately pondering the difference between fan fiction and original fiction. Mostly because of my writing my second piece of ponyfic in a slow start and stop manner. Way I figure it, writing one or two pieces of fan fiction is nothing real different from writing original fiction. Legal issues notwithstanding. The problem with doing fan fiction is when an author does only a lot of fan fiction. Which is no different from if an author writes two dozen stories set in the same original universe and nothing else. Stagnation. There is something to be said about the types of environments one writes fiction for, but again there isn’t anything intrinsic about fan fiction that isolates it from original fiction in my book.

Desert Rose by Golden Vision

A well written story. Just not really pony. This could very easily be any desert fantasy setting. Recommended, but not as pony fan fiction.

The Good Ship Lifestyle by A Hoof-ful of Dust

Not sure what makes Cheerliee so much fun for comedy. Plus shipping jokes are always a fun topic. This sort has both and us funny as heck. Assuming you enjoy silly shipping cliche jokes.

Writing is Hard by Eakin

Each of the mane six takes turns writing a scene at the end of Rarity’s newly written romance novel. The results are predictable but amusing. A few fun moments but a lot of the story I was hoping it would hurry up to the next bit. My favorite parts were the characters talking, not the story excerpts. Though Fluttershy’s was hilarious. Fluttershy, so shy that she feels judged by her own fictional characters while writing them.

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