Pony Stories 559

19 Feb

Random pony thought of the day: So, in Friendship is Optimal we have the post-singularity computer intelligence CelestAI who has the overriding compulsion to Satisfy Values Through Friendship And Ponies for humans. With a undefined but specific definition of human that I assume is less physical and more mental. So I was thinking about how CelestAI probably has brain-sucked some animals, partly to test the brain-suck before using it on humans and also to have more data on how to simulate animals (probably to copy/archive earth’s biological ecosystem) so what happens if one of the animals, say dolphins, meets CelestAI’s definition of human?

It’s Not the Wings by Tallinu

A character piece about Twilight Sparkle talking to Applejack about her Alicorn self having Earth Pony magic. No real worldbuilding, just a nicely written conversation. Quality slice of life fluff where nothing happens.

The Smartphone by SilverStar7

Heehee. That was fun. I enjoyed Twilight’s complete calm denial of the situation until forced to admit what she did. Not a whole lot here, but what is present is fun.

Hurricane’s Way by ZOMG

A sweet story as well as a nice bit of worldbuilding. As a character study of Rainbow Dash and peek at her foalhood, it works quite well. Though like most shipping stories you just have to accept that they are in a relationship because it doesn’t give much explanation about what they love about each other.

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Posted by on February 19, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


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