Pony Stories 562

22 Feb

Boom! As of typing this, I have gotten through my backlog of reviews to add to THE MASTER LIST aka The Big Master Review List aka that spreadsheet I use to validate myself as a productive person aka, um, I don’t actually have anything else I know it by. So moving on! It doesn’t include my reviews of course, and I’ve got a nice big 69 item long feed notification blinking at me that probably has several reviewers reviewing stuff. I’m also pretty sure I accidentally deleted a bookmark before I got the reviews from it. So if you notice a review of yours missing (or from a reviewer you pay close attention to) please let me know.

  • Aftershocks, I swear! by Jonesly
  • Temporary Hiatus by TheMessenger
  • Home by RBDash47

Aftershocks, I swear! by Jonesly

Hee. Fun fluff. Even if the event in question Shining Armor is talking about was a little more gross than I had expected.

Temporary Hiatus by TheMessenger

Pretty good. Recommended for anyone wanting a hit of Daring Do. I do like the second chapter from the other side of things. Seeing how the two characters react to the same basic situation was interesting.

Home by RBDash47

The continuing saga of trying to chip away at the older stories on my read later bookshelf. I liked this one. It is one of those stories that doesn’t have much pony in it, but it doesn’t matter because it still has the characters. This story is about Applejack and family, whether two feet or four hooves. I found it very sweet and a good example of character voice not through word choice but of theme and tone. Everything is from Applejack’s view and everything in the story is about family.

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Posted by on February 22, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


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