Pony Stories 565

25 Feb

This hasn’t happened for a while! All caught up on the big master review list and having enough focus to want something else to fiddle with. Back in the day I’d look for more reviewers to add, but that’s gotten harder at late, or see how I can improve or just alter the list itself. The one thing I want to do with the list I have no idea where to even start looking, so that’s off the table. So I vaugely remembered this post about ranking people based on their follower’s followers. Since I only have a handful of followers on FimFiction, but most of them are cool dudes with good follower counts, I decided to see what my score on that metric is.

What is my follower’s followers count? The amount of followers people who follow me have, or at least those that have more followers than I do. I’m writing the word followers so much that it’s starting to become meaningless. Followers followers followers. Huh. Anyway, my count is: 40,626. Which is pretty impressive. At least for someone who only has one story up and occasionally reposts content from this blog over there. Though I’m planning on doubling my story count sometime in the next week! First chapter and mark it incomplete because I’m still working on the second one. Gotta see what all the other authors like about that ‘incomplete’ status. Maybe after that I can try out the hiatus and cancelled story states for the full experience.

Oh, hey, today begins my dive into Sunset Shimmer stories. It’ll take a few days.

  • Farm Work by Admiral Biscuit
  • “It Felt….Amazing.” by Gapeagle
  • She’s Dazzling by ellie_

Farm Work by Admiral Biscuit

This was not the lesbian Sunset Shimmer vehicle my brain assured me it was based on absolutely no proof. Fun slice of life though. I unloaded hay once. Well, technically it was alfalfa for the neighborhood goats and the bales might have been smaller than standard hay bales. From my vague memories this story is pretty accurate on that subject. I’ve done it once and have put effort into never doing it again.

“It Felt….Amazing.” by Gapeagle

Kind of mediocre. Didn’t really read like a natural conversation. Neat idea if not exactly mind blowing original. With a bit more polish it could have been really good. As for what it is, unless you really want what the description promises and don’t have high expectations for quality, you can skip this one.

She’s Dazzling by ellie_

Well, not fluffy or light but close enough. As a brief vignette this is decent. Has implied context that doesn’t hold up to any thought. As many vignettes do. My main gripe is that there is nothing that tells us the viewpoint character is Sunset Shimmer. It could be any random person in a crowd listening to the Dazzlings. So that was disappointing, since I’m doing a Sunset Shimmer story marathon at the moment.

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One response to “Pony Stories 565

  1. Soge

    February 24, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Hmm, looks like I “score” 25817.

    I guess I should try befriending Knighty, Pen Stroke, The Descendant, and Rainbow Bob.


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