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26 Feb

Been playing XCOM2 a bit too much. It’s really good. If you liked the previous XCOM: Enemy Unknown you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s better in every way. Plus it’s got my favorite game! Mods! Unlike Skyrim or Fallout I’ve actually spent more time playing the game than modding it, so that’s a plus. Cool new features include: Civilians on terror missions have their own names. Can customize and save soldiers you like to a character pool that is added to random recruits in future games, and you don’t have to just wait around for things to happen on the world map anymore.

  • Drawing Conclusions by blue harvest
  • Pigeon Toes by blue harvest
  • You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water… by shortskirtsandexplosions

Drawing Conclusions by blue harvest

That was certainly flowery. The term purple prose comes to mind. Not bad, exactly, just a bit over the top. It is also that odd version of second person where the ‘you’ doesn’t refer to the reader, but to the person our viewpoint character is interacting with. Not sure I’d recommend it but you could do worse for a hit of SciTwi crushing hard on Sunset. I do think that pigeon toes is a weird verb/metaphor.

Pigeon Toes by blue harvest

So that’s what the phrase means. Well, another purple prose-y story about SciTwi crushing hard on Sunset Shimmer. Not really anything else to say about it. Fluffy tiny bits of substance wrapped in really flowery language.

You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water… by shortskirtsandexplosions

I think what bugs me about reading so many of these in a short timeframe is that I don’t see either Twilight as shy. Uncertain at times, but SciTwi in particular was fairly forward and confident. In a school of academic elites she felt like it just wasn’t enough for her. She did her own research and snuck to the other school to do research without permission. So seeing her depicted as a shy stammering can’t think straight lovesick maiden just rubs me the wrong way. Fractured Sunlight portrayed SciTwi a lot better in my opinion.

Wait, just realized what I was trying to say. SciTwi in the movie is never passive. She might not know what to do, such as inspirational speech to her classmates, but she is always active and trying things. Whereas in these stories she is very passive. This one in particular is about her fantasizing and trying to work up the courage to hold Sunset Shimmer’s hand. I liked this one the least of the three. The other two were short enough to be fluff pieces, but I wouldn’t recommend this one.

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