Pony Stories 569

02 Mar

Blhuggg. One of those mornings.

  • Long Road to Friendship by The Albinocorn
  • For A Good Time, Call… by Winston
  • Sunset’s Collection by chillbook1

Long Road to Friendship by The Albinocorn

Random note from halfway through the story: Cadance as a morning radio DJ. I kind of like that idea.

I ended up enjoying this story. The author’s versions of the human ponies were pretty neat. Even if Shining Armor as a police officer was a little too standard. Also Trixie’s family was cool, but the magic bits were a little heavy for my tastes. One of the author’s notes briefly mentioned that the Lulamoon magic stuff might be explained more in another story, but in this story it was basically just overdone dramatic scenery and a deus ex machina once or twice.

Also, I feel that the big conflict added in for the last half (third?) of the story was a bit much. I don’t think the story really needed that kind of ‘raising the stakes’ event. The problem between Sunset Shimmer and EqG Twilight Sparkle was enough for that. Just stretch it out a bit. Maybe lean a bit more on the whole magical curse angle for the end.

Still, I liked it and felt the romance angle was done competently. Didn’t feel rushed or stretched out at all, and everyone’s reactions seemed mostly realistic. Well, not that I can tell the difference. So I guess the more precise comment would be that the romance in this felt natural and read more like a romance in a good story than shipping in a bad story.

The whole control curse didn’t come off as terrible as I was expecting. Still think that the forced to answer questions honestly thing was cool, but forcing Sunset Shimmer to obey any polite request feels a bit iffy. The story uses it well and even addresses why it works out later in the story. Basically it forced Sunset Shimmer to try out things she would otherwise have ignored or brushed off and made her realize that a lot of the things she was avoiding were enjoyable. So basically just circumventing her rudeness and aloofness.

Still wish it had turned out to be a story with Rarity and Sunset shipping. I’m going to have to see if there are any stories with that pair out there in the ponynet.

For A Good Time, Call… by Winston

The details are already fading from my mind. This is almost the dictionary definition of shallow fluff. Not bad, but pretty just a joke worth a slight chuckle stretched over a thousand words. Still, the concept is plenty amusing.

Sunset’s Collection by chillbook1

Both more explicit and a bit more classy than I had expected. Also has a horse dildo and Rarity learning about the existence of tentacle hentai from Rainbow Dash describing various types of porn. It is kind of a weird story with something of a silly (and lewd) end.

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