Pony Stories 571

04 Mar

Hee. So, Foals Errand did a few more reviews and the first one was for Celestia’s Teeth. Always fun to see someone finding a classic that’s good and funny as that one is. I should re-read it. Also discovered during those reviews is a user who joined the pony fandom because of Half the Day is Night. Which is another story I think I will re-read. It was pretty good.

Today we move out of the Sunset Shimmer stories. Was a weird period. Still not sure exactly why I decided I needed to read a whole bunch of them back to back. Well, I mean, it was a bit self-sustaining after the first bunch but I don’t know what prompted it.

  • You’re A What?! by TheNewYorkBrony
  • Syzygy by Admiral Biscuit
  • Lyrical Musings by Grif

You’re A What?! by TheNewYorkBrony

Well, that was… a sequence of words? I guess that is a bit uncharitable. It is a story but just kinda sitting there on the page without doing much.

Syzygy by Admiral Biscuit

This was nice. Always a treat for character reactions like this story. Not enough Equestria Girls stories do anything with Sunset Shimmer being from a different world. Plus the Rainbow Dash in this was really cool. Nothing overt, but her reaction to Sunset’s panic is exactly how I can see how behaving. Which just highlights how kinda two-dimensional Dash has been in the Sunset Shimmer stories I’ve been reading. Admiral Biscuit does fun comedy, but my favorite stories of his are the serious ones. Not like grrr grimdark serious, but the non silly character stuff like this.

Lyrical Musings by Grif

That was creepy. Falls into the category of well written, but disturbing enough that I’m not sure I would say I enjoyed it.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 571

  1. Loganberry

    March 5, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Half the Day is Night has intrigued me for ages, even more so when I discovered that a heavily reworked and expanded version had been published as original writing (Morning, Noon & Night). I keep shying away because, you know, S1 Luna — but every so often I feel I ought to read it.

    • Griffin

      March 5, 2016 at 7:26 pm

      Well, I just reread it and it is still a good story. The rework and expanded bits in the original version are mostly just to replace the pony bits that no longer work as context for the whole thing.

      It is kind of interesting to see how it portrays the characters compared to the general view of them nowadays. I’d still recommend reading it. Or grabbing the original version which is pretty good. Even if I only got halfway through it before having to switch to the pony version because the characters were just so much the pony characters that trying to fit the original version of the story and the pony bits in my head was giving me a headache.

      As for S1 Princess Luna in the story, it’s not nearly as bad as others I’ve seen.


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