Ponyfic Fragment: Write-off attempt

12 Mar

I almost entered a piece into a recently writeoff. Got three pages in and my brain apparently decided to go on vacation. Both in that I lost inspiration/motivation for the writing, and I hit a low point in depression so I couldn’t power through the writer’s block. However! I did get about three pages worth and figure it’s good for a day worth of content for the blog here. Wow, I think this has been in my blogpost drafts bin for a while now. Probably two or three writeoffs ago.

Anyway, the idea for this little bit of fun was that Spike wanted to practice his skill at breathing fire. Maybe work out a new trick. So he got a book about starting fires, which had the gimmick of the pages and the cover were designed as a ‘hands on’ sort of lesson to provide fuel. Which leads to Twilight Sparkle returning earlier than expected from a trip to Canterlot to find Spike burning a book. I only got about three pages out before the muse dried up, but I still think it’s a fun snapshot premise.


It was the perfect plan. Had been the perfect plan. Right now, sure, it didn’t look that way. In the face of his current situation Spike would admit that it had been a terrible plan. Hindsight, the magical time vision that revealed all those previously invisible flaws. Yet both before and during the actual execution it had been perfect. Every step leading up to this moment had been planned, checked, double-checked, cross-checked by a reliable source. Every contingency possible (except for this current one apparently) not only planned for but planned in triplicate to a level even Twilight Sparkle would appreciate.

Assuming that her current rage-triggered magic outburst that was turning her eyes into pools of arcance light ever calmed down to a point that Spike felt safe enough to show the pile of papers (and charts) taller than he was. Not physically safe mind you. Even now he had no fear that Twilight Sparkle would ever hurt him. The young, but extermely well educated dragon was intensely aware of how many astrological bodies more remote than the moon were out there.

“Now, Twilight, this isn’t what it looks like.”

Just a hint of smoke was detectable in the air. At least to a young dragon’s sense of smell. Dragons need to be able to detect other dragons at a distance after all. Any visible smoke or flames had been removed from reality by the blazing rage of Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle.

At a time earlier in the day he had been proud of the plan. It not only avoided, but actively distracted the cutie mark crusaders on the other side of town. Just to make sure only the precisely intentional amount of destructive burning happened. Part of Spike’s multi-faceted draconic mind wonderd what Rainbow Dash was doing. The raincloud was still overhead ready to put out any unplanned spread of the fire. No glimpse of blue feathers or rainbow tail though. Spike couldn’t tell if the Pegasus hid or fled.

“It’s not goverment property. I bought it with my own money. Saved up and everything.”

He wanted to inch away. Some primative part of his mind watned to duck under a rock or into a cave until danger passed. The more rational part of his mind know that not only would any preceived attempt to escape set off the Alicorn, but a mountain would be a very poor barricade to his older sister these days.

“So, did you have a nice talk with Princess Celestia?” Spike’s attempt to change the subject was in vain.

“What. It. This?” Twilight Sparkle, Alicorn Princess, she who defeats gods, meddler of time, 4th princess of all ponies under the heavens, spoke with the voice of abosolute judgement.


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