Pony Stories 577

14 Mar

First off, adding video reviews to the big master review list has been a hassle just as I suspected. At the moment I’ve got them on a separate sheet. When I get a better idea of how much overlap there might be I’ll work on merging it.

Secondly, some amusement! My editor tends to do research for grammar she doesn’t have a rock-solid grasp on. Which means she runs across some obscure stuff from time to time. Such as the fact that there is a specific term for leaving a sentence unfinished to indicate speech breaking off. Such as “She wouldn’t do…” or “Don’t push the button or we will–“. The term is Aposiopesis. Which amuses me because (to me anyway) it is similar to Apotheosis. So I had this idea of Twilight Sparkle putting up fliers for a class on writing and Aposiopesis, which leads to the class getting packed with ponies wanting to learn how to become an Alicorn.

  • Gentle Persuasion by Minds Eye
  • Would Bang by Aragon
  • Changelings, Love and Lollipops by Georg

Gentle Persuasion by Minds Eye

Hee. Sweet and fluffy.

Would Bang by Aragon

Glorious over the top goodness. This was hilarious. I enjoyed reading this a lot. No crude language, just pure ridiculous craziness. Also has Principal Celestia unable to use question marks. The making of blogpost about the story is pretty neat too. I really need to do the comment thing on stories more often methinks.

Changelings, Love and Lollipops by Georg

Enjoyable, but not all that memorable. I suspect my pony fan fiction jadedness is dulling my appreciation for his one, but on the gripping hoof it didn’t really have much really interesting worldbuilding. Which is why I normally like changeling stories. Which in turn is odd, since pretty much all of the author’s other stories have cool worldbuilding bits. Even the author’s fairly simple shipping story with Twilight and an OC had cool stuff about the nobility and Unicorn magic education. Still, as I said it was enjoyable. Above average for a shipping story, not quite a proper romance. I liked the other changeling and Pinkie Pie story a bit better. That one had a better relationship in my opinion. If I could only remember the name. Pretty sure by a different author. On the other hand, it was more of a sad-ish story while this one was more of a slapstick comedy. In addition I stick think the author uses the physical (usually slapstick) violence that leads to romance format a bit too much. He can do just fine without it, as seen in some of his other stories. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. I mean it’s really only this and two other stories he uses it in.

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