Pony Stories 579

21 Mar

Adding video reviews to the big master review list is going to take a long while. Glad to see it’s already gotten at least one person finding something interesting. I’m looking forward to the new season of pony coming up next weekend (if memory serves) so I’ve started a gigantic marathon. Going to watch the whole five seasons so far this week to get ready. Already gotten through 11 episodes of season one. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage one season a day. Season three will be the easiest of course.

In other news. I’m thinking about starting a mod-heavy game of XCOM 2 soon. I got to the end and even though my computer glitched for the ending movie, I pretty much know how it probably went. So I’ve beaten the game with just a few mods. Yet I really liked just playing it so I want to do another game that’s just kind of meandering around. With plenty of fun characters for soldiers! I’ve already got a few neat ones from my previous games, not to mention some people I know online from non-pony circles. I really want MrNumbers’ character pool, but even with two little nudges I haven’t heard back from him. Well, I mean I have heard back and he said it would be okay, but he hasn’t gotten around to actually giving me a file yet.

I wanted to toss open the door for other applicants as well. Anyone here want to be converted to xcom for danger, glory, and engineering maintenance? I can’t promise to give the amusing blow-by-blow reports that MrNumbers is managing, but I’ll probably toss out the occasional mission progress. Especially since one of the mods I am grabbing will keep track of game-long stats for each solider. Shot accuracy, damage taken, that sort of thing. So I can compare overall competence between various soldiers.

  • Buggy and the Beast by Georg
  • Fluttershy’s Collection by chillbook1
  • Starry-Eyed by TwinkieSpy

Buggy and the Beast by Georg

I still think the author uses confrontational drama between the leads as a bit of a crutch for his romances. Other than that, this was decent. Not as pony as I would have liked and not much cool Changeling stuff. Still a good read if you like the author’s general style. Not his best work though. I actually liked The One Who Got Away better. As for conflict leading to romance I am reminded of one of my favorite romantic anime titled His And Her Circumstances. Which I enjoyed because it didn’t have any confrontational drama or even much interpersonal drama.

Fluttershy’s Collection by chillbook1

Rainbow Dash being even more of an asshole than he previous story. This one was a bit less humorous and a bit more plain uncomfortable. So if you were on the edge with the first one avoid this. I think a lot of it has to do with how personal the situation is. For most of Sunset Shimmer’s Collection it was kinda rude, but just you know, the equivalent of snooping for someone’s porn magazines. Basic friends being kind of nosy comedy. This one just seemed worse to me. On a comedy/uncomfortable scale I mean.

Starry-Eyed by TwinkieSpy

This is the first half or maybe two-thirds of a sweet romance story. Or the first chapter to a longer romance. Either way it cut off far to abruptly. Still, some nice (if brief) character exploration of somewhat older Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Plus I really liked the idea of Vinyl Scratch as Sweetie’s manager. Just seems to fit.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 579

  1. MrNumbers

    March 22, 2016 at 8:18 am

    Haven’t forgotten! I just haven’t even _touched_ the game since my last blog. I play the missions three at a time, and then I’m not allowed to open the game again until my blogs are caught up. This prevents me from getting too much material built up that I become overwhelmed or try to cut corners in the writeup.

    • Griffin

      March 22, 2016 at 2:11 pm

      No worries, just being impatient. I have a hard time knowing how much to bug someone about a favor they are doing for me is all.


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