Pony Stories 583

26 Mar

Le sigh. Did not get to watch all of pony before Season six started. I almost pulled it off even though I wasn’t able to devote every waking moment to it like I wanted to in my head. Just can’t focus that obessessively on things. I might have made it except that I misjudged when the start was. I thought it was Sunday, not Saturday. I also forgot that I had a D&D game Saturday morning that is a three hour round trip and will last 3 hours on it’s own so that is a good chunk of the day. I’ll probably manage to finish season four at least. Just got to Maud Pie when I’m writing this and I plan to watch a couple of episodes on the train ride in and out of Boston.

  • Equestran Diplomacy by tosety
  • It Takes a Village by determamfidd
  • Weatherpony by HapHazred

Equestran Diplomacy by tosety

I can totally see this as official policy in Equestria. Silly, wouldn’t look out of place in the show (mostly), and presented seriously to make it even sillier.

It Takes a Village by determamfidd

This was quite good. Written quite a while ago, only one mention of Discord near the end, and nothing noticeable from the later seasons. Thinking about it there was almost no actual worldbuilding or anything besides the basics we got in the first season of the show. A lot of fanfiction would feel a bit empty like that, missing all the stuff that accumulates in the show and fandom, but this does such a good job keeping the focus on the characters that the lack of those things is only noticeable after I finished it and thought about it.

Kind of strange to read a pony fanfic that doesn’t have the built up residue of the fandom in it. None of the little things that sort have become common knowledge. The shared minor details that a lot of the fanfiction draws on, either intentionally or just in the mind if the reader. Though it did have the trope of Twilight and Trixie being equals/mirrors of each other, so it is not completely free of fandom tropes. This is the best Spike growing up story I have read. I’d recommend it to anyone, but especially as a story that was written early in the fandom and as almost a clean slate or (to be pretentious) more of a tabula rasa feel to it.

Saying it has no worldbuilding is not accurate. It handles the dragon details with a subtle but effective touch. Both telling and showing in just the right ways. Not to mention probably the best backstory for the dragon egg test Twilight Sparkle did for the magic school entrance exam.

Plus it has an ancient dragon mention that Starswirl the Bearded believed invisible horse flies were stealing his clothes and that’s why he had bells on everything he wore. Also has a great Mayor Mare and quite possibly the best Photo Finish scene I’ve seen since her appearance in the show. Older versions of the CMC likewise were nicely done. As well as a general feel that every pony was a few years older in general.

Weatherpony by HapHazred

This should have been longer or been about a less catastrophic event. The dramatic near destruction of all of Cloudsdale should not be a brief short story. The main character is well written enough that she avoids Mary Sue territory, but an OC that is special and the best in the world at a job she shouldn’t be able to do gets awfully close. We needed more character development, or have that toned down a bit. On the other band having to tight focus on the main character worked as a stylistic choice. Really kept it personal and made the back of detail other places less noticeable. Plus I liked the worldbuilding idea for the source of the weather factory’s power. So, I’m totally stealing it.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 583

  1. Soge

    March 26, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    All the shipping in “It Takes a Village” kinda ruins it for me. I’m bothered when authors throw some random pairing that doesn’t really affect the story or is actually explained, and this fic does that about 5 times. It wants to have cute pairings, but doesn’t care to actually do the leg work to reach that. “Everyone is secretly in love with everyone else” shatter my suspension of disbelief way harder than anything else in a fanfic.

    • Griffin

      March 28, 2016 at 5:37 pm

      Weird, thinking back on it I don’t think I noticed much shipping at all. Other than the stuff with Spike and the girl dragon of course.


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