Second Week of Pony #1

28 Mar

Have still not gotten through the entire show so far. Haven’t seen the new episode(s?) yet either. Getting into season five. The lack of deadline, as usual, has slowed down my progress. Instead of reviews this week is going to be the lists I’ve made watching the show of everything canon-worthy I noticed while watching. One day per season. I will also be putting the whole thing in a spreadsheet to classify ponies/locations/events sort of thing. For my own uses but I’ll happily make it public if anyone out there would like to see it as well.

Here are my canon notes from my rewatch of season one. I do not separate them via episode, but do have them more or less in order that the show presents them. Especially for the early stuff I more or less just put the name down for it it, but as I get into the series I tended to be a little more detailed. I also seem to have not written any notes for the episode the Ticket Master. I also had to make judgments on what to include, so I sometimes skipped fairly normal things and sometimes put normal things down, depending on how I was feeling whenever something ‘real world’ shows up in cartoon pony land.

Spike message fire
Royal Sisters
Elements of Harmony
Pegasus ponies
Earth ponies
Unicorn ponies
Predictions and Prophecies book
Luna / Nightmare Noon was not remembered by most ponies, even to the point of not knowing the connection between the two.
Dragon (Spike is baby dragon, so not full grown)
Summer Sun Celebration
Pegasus ponies can bust clouds
Manticore (manticores can purr)
Disbelieving in illusion spells dispels them
Sea serpents (can talk and are sapient and can be vain)
Grand Galloping Gala (biggest social event each year, in Canterlot)
Rainbow Dash shows more control over clouds
Dragons can eat anything (conjecture, but example shown in this episode is terrible muffins that give ponies literal food poisoning and earlier he mentions wanting to eat gemstones)
Cows can speak, but perhaps not all that smart
Gryphons (rare, but known.)
Junior Speedster Flight Camp
Flying contraptions (Pinkie’s pedal powered flying machine)
Fluttershy 1 year older than Pinkie
Ursa Major and minor (mother and kid)
Unicorns know a little magic related to their special talent
Twilight Sparkle’s special talent is magic (not spoken outright, but strongly implied)
Twilight Sparkle struggling with powerful magic shows several auras on her horn (each one bigger than the previous)
Fluttershy feeding fish to otters and worms to birds
Angel bunny is a jerk
Full grown dragon snores produce smoke
Dragon naps last 100 years
Magical lightning rod (protecting the library tree from storms)
Zebra (rhyming speech, cliche tribal African stereotype)
Everfree forest considered unnatural because: plants grow, animals care for themselves, clouds move, all on their own!
Poison Joke (plant, puts magical curse-like transformation on victims)
Parasprites (cute’n’adorable as all heck, reproduce rapidly when fed)
Winter-Wrap Up (event)
Manual control over the seasons in Equestria. Canterlot uses Unicorn magic to change seasons, Ponyville does it with hard work.
Ponyville was founded by Earth Ponies
Come to life spell
Ponyville has one-room schoolhouse
Cutie marks (seen before, but first time named and talked about)
Cheerliee ‘woke up’ to find her Cutie Mark
The 80’s happened in Equestria, apparently.
Cuteceanera (party for a pony that just got their cutie mark, both kids and adults attend)
Cash or credit
Martial Arts dojo
Ultrapony roller derby
Magic can’t force cutie marks
Record player
Running of the leaves (event)
Whitetail woods (near ponyville)
Hoity Toity (fashion pony Canterlot, earth pony)
Ancient Pegasus ponies had Greek-style outfits and architecture
DJ equipment and job, also stage lights
Mad science equipment in Twilight’s basement
Psychic Powers (Pinkie sense works)
Froggy Bottom Bog (place)
Hydra (heads seem at least moderately independent)
Sonic Rainboom (was just legend/myth before Rainbow Dash did it)
Cloudsdale – more greek style arc
Best young flyer (competition at Cloudsdale)
Mentioned that non-pegasus ponies can’t visit Cloudsdale (given the lack of trouble the group has visiting, I assume this meant that non-Pegasus visitors can’t walk on clouds)
Factory worker Pegasus ponies (blue-collar types with protective goggles and hats with lab-style coats?)
Spell to walk on clouds
Cloudsdale is lots of separate clouds
Jackhammer used on clouds
Weather factory
Hoofmade snowflakes
Rainbows are liquid (at least in a ‘raw’ state?)
Clouds made from water with industrial machines
Spell that gives a pony butterfly wings (used on unicorn, but Twilight mentions it was made for Earth ponies)
Armored ponies always accompanying Princess Celestia
Foam fingers (actual human hand and fingers)
Greek style crown for winning flying competition
Cockatrice (half-chicken and half-snake, body of chicken with large snake tail, gaze turns victims to stone, is a conscious ability on the monster’s part and takes time to fully stone a victim, can reverse effect,)
Giant squid
Diamond Dogs (wear clothes, speak in semi-third person, live underground, have metal working and clothing, like gems a lot, can dig through dirt very easily)
Sapphire Shores (the pony of pop, Earth pony)
Clothes Horse magazine (fashion)
Gem finding spell (locates and even displays gems it finds)
Spa (in Ponyville)
Photo Finish (famous fashion photographer, Earth pony)
Cameras and fashion models
Buffalo (stereotypical native American tribe in style, much bigger than ponies,)
Traditional stampeding grounds (long and winding stampeding trail that the buffalo have run upon for many generations) Sacred tradition to run the path every year
Appleoosa (town, only a year since it was settled, western theme)
Buffalo really respect dragons
Guards doesn’t react to Rainbow Dash trying to provoke a reaction
Twilight doesn’t know about Philomena
Princess Celestia plays a practical joke on the Cakes for being too eager to fill her teacup
Cutie Mark stories (everypony seems to remember when/where they got their cutie mark, also not ‘woke up’ with them)
Twilight’s Parents
Pinkie Pie’s family (no Maud)
Manehatten (city)
Pegasus ponies don’t see ground animals (Fluttershy mentions that butterflies don’t fly high enough to reach Cloudsdale)
Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns
Hatching dragon egg entrance exam (apparently standard)
Rock farm outside of Ponyville
Summer Flight Camp (both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy went)
Meteor shower (every 100 years)
Spike’s homemade cookies
Spike’s fire can burn things normally
Quills & Sofas store
Green dragon near Ponyville
Princess Celestia’s Crown Jewels (Spike wanted to show his friends)
Princess Celestia’s golden apple tree
Royal Gardens
Prince Blueblood (is a terrible pony)
Princess Celestia says the Grand Galloping Gala is horrible every year and wanted the mane six to make things more exciting

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