Second Week of Pony #2

29 Mar

Continuing from yesterday, today is no reviews and more just a long list. Still haven’t gotten to the end of season 5. Hopefully I can finish it off today after losing all of yesterday to mind-eating games and just kinda zoning out. Making some progress on updating the big master review list. Chipping away at the bookmarked text reviews and bits and pieces here and there for the video reviews. So many links.

Oh and the newest addition to the big master review list is The Hat Man. Who has done a half-dozen posts for stories from something called ScribbleFest that has been showing up in lots of places and I still have no clue about beyond it was a contest. Is a contest? Who knows. Anyway, half a dozen posts for stories from that and a top ten post for stories he read last year. I was surprised that he is a fairly new member over on FimFiction. Only joined in mid-2015, so he isn’t even a year old in the ponyfic world.

World famous sculpture garden
School trip for the foals to Canterlot
A creature called a draconequs (the head of a pony, really?)
Failsafe Spell
Stained glass story hall
Canterlot tower (where the Elements of Harmony were kept)
Lock for the vault door that Celestia used her horn for the key, saying only her magic could unlock it
Palace labyrinth (hedge maze)
Want it need it spell
Nightmare Night festival
Ponyville retirement village
Starswirl the bearded (father of the omnimorphic spell, in book on obscure unicorn history)
Trottingham (doesn’t have nightmare night? Or pip was just too young to participate)
Starswirl is only the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era, he created more than 200 spells
Zecora has illusion powders
Bat ponies
Royal Canterlot Voice (traditional to address subjects before Princess Luna was banished)
Rarity’s Parents (mother unicorn, father wearing a hat but no wings)
Sheep can talk
Sisterhooves Social (Ponyville event, allowed Sweetie Belle compete with Applejack)
Pegasus ponies scheduling storms
Next time the rodeo comes to town (dare for Rarity)
Zecora has magic tooth cure (first real alchemy)
Cutie pox (random cutie marks appear all over the body, forces the pony to perform the special talents for each cutie mark, showed up only once a long time ago, no cure known, Zecora cures it)
Plant that only blooms when truth is spoken
Birds and flying insects resting on clouds
Jet Set & his wife Upper Crust (unicorns)
Fancy Pants (unicorn, most important pony in Canterlot, was interested in Rarity after learning she was staying at the palace)
Balloon-supported airship (referred to as yacht)
Canterlot Garden Party (event second only to the gala)
Dragon greed growth and hoarding instinct
Hearth’s Warming Eyes (most important play of the year in Canterlot)
Founding of Equestria long before the peaceful rule of Celestia (Luna not mentioned)
Princess Platinum (unicorn, daughter of the unicorn king)
Commander Hurricane (pegasus, commander of the pegasi)
Chancellor Puddinghead (earth pony, leader of the earth ponies)
Pegasus ponies fairly clean, both earth ponies and unicorns in dirty rags and looking beaten down)
Windigos (winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred the more hatred the colder things get, the other two ponies didn’t know about them, Clover learned about them from her mentor)
Clover the clever (mentored by Starswirl the bearded)
Smart Cookie (secretary)
Private Pansy
Timberwolves (magical creature, wolf made out of leaves and sticks and branches)
Zap apples (magic rainbow apples)
Zap apple episode takes place over a week (at least five days)
Filthy Rich (earth pony) ?
Barnyard Bargains (store)
Ponyville founded when Granny Smith was young.
Earth ponies having unicorn and Pegasus foals (fun as a joke, but let us assume that the Cakes have a healthy faithful marriage alright?)
Baby Cakes episode has a month-long jump in it between birth and the rest of the episode
Young pegasus foals can fly and young unicorns have magic surges
Unicorns can levitate self
Equestria Rodeo competition (yearly event? Mentions this year’s)
Ponyville Rodeo Champion (Ponyville rodeo? Or just a way to say she’s the best at it in town?)
Dodge Junction (city)
Cherry Jubilee (Earth pony, boss of Cherry Hill Ranch)
Wild Bull Hickok (pony)
Calamity Mane (pony)
Applejack and Cherry Jubilee both orchard folk
Cider season
Magic-powered machines (mad-sciency in flavor)
FlimFlam brothers (unicorns, have cutie marks that match each other, one has a apple with a slice taken out of it and the other has a slice of apple)
Daring Do (book series, as well as pegasus pony)
Ahuizotl (strange creature, villain in Daring Do book)
Stealth suit (for Rainbow)
Hearts and Hooves day
Love poison (discovery also implies that love potions are a thing?)
Arcade games
Magic potion (ingredigents are bit of cloud, some rainbow, stirred with a Pegasus feather)
Filldelphia (city)
Iron Will (minotaur motivational speaker)
Goats (not seen talking, but maybe one whispers to Iron Will?)
Wireless headsets
Hedge maze center (where Iron Will’s presentation happens)
Time Travel spell (works briefly, takes you back in time a week, can only ever be used once)
Ponyville Dam (seen in earlier episode)
Starswirl wing of the Canterlot Archives
Los Pegasus (city, probably supposed to be L.A.)
Cerberus (gigantic three-headed dog, guards the gates of tartarus,)
Tartarus (place, holds a lot of ancient evils,)
Stealth suits (Twilight, Pinkie, Spike)
Stable no-change time travel (everything you do in the past has already happened)
Great Dragon Migration (happens once in a generation, pony generations?)
Ponies know next to nothing about dragons
Twilight can teleport others
Phoenix nest in a forest
Crackle (best dragon)
Dragons can swim in lava
Phoenixes can flare up to blind enemies
Old timey films (from Cloudsdale to teach about tornado duty)
Cloudsdale gets water from various local reservoirs (called Tornado duty to get the water up to Cloudsdale)
Pegasus flying power is measured in wing power (9 is considered moderately impressive, Rainbow Dash has 16)
Feather Flu (sickness)
Printing Press (used for school newspaper)
Ponyville Express (Ponyville’s normal newspaper)
National Desert Competition (event, canterlot)
French gryphon chef
Chocolate moose
Princess Celestia stares at the desert combination like an addict in front of her drug of choice (licking her lips and everything)
Shining Armor (unicorn, Twilight’s brother, captain of the royal guard)
Cadance (alicorn, Twilght’s foal sitter when both were younger)
First mention of the guards being the royal guard
Twilight sees her brother less since she moved to Ponyville (implying that she has seen him since she moved)
Magic shield needs to be either recharged or recast on top of itself (either way degrades over time)
Cadance has mind-affecting love magic
Fake Cadance has green magic aura that nopony seems to notice
Princess Luna comes from outside of Canterlot when day shifts to night for the alicorns keeping watch
Changlings! (Green fire themed magic, queen can use magic to sink others into the ground (probably teleport but might just be moving through solid objects), Queen can project image of herself through mirrored surfaces, has mind manipulation magic but not complete control, drones can do a firebomb/dive spell,)
Threat made against Canterlot (but no details somehow)
Caves under Canterlot (full of gems that greedy Unicorns wanted in the past, forgotten by most ponies)
Princess Cadance names and describes the Changelings: “She’s a changeling, she takes the form of somepony you love and gains power by feeding off your love for them!
Queen of the Changelings
Changeling swarm is already there above the shield slamming against it and nopony seemed to notice
Princess Celestia gets her ass kicked (this surprises everyone even the Queen)
Magic shield cracks and shatters when broken
Normal changelings can copy the mane six just after meeting them
One of the normal changelings was wearing helmet and armor
The duplicate Twilights repeat Twilight’s warning perfectly but we don’t get any of them speaking otherwise
Fluttershy fools a group by acting mean and Rainbow Dash likewise blends into a group to save her
Rainbow Dash does not kiss Fluttershy when she helps her up
Twilight uses magic to remove a changeling’s disguise that leaves the changeling disoriented
Transformed changeling has eye-roll reaction to Pinkie Pie (implying they have some individuality and/or personal emotions)
Mane six fight through a horde of dozens of changelings bare minimum
Scattered about defeated the changelings are all in their natural forms
Changelings crawling down on pillars (which doesn’t mean a whole lot since we saw young Pound Cake walking along a ceiling in Baby Cakes episode while he was flying)
Princess Celestia trapped in a huge green cocoon
Cadance has hooves stuck to the floro with green goo
Spike is left alone and just standing around next to trapped Cadance
Twilight zaps away the goo from Cadance’s hooves
Love powered spell blasts changelings away (in the shot we see they land all over the place both near and far, the spell also gets rid of all the goo bindings on guards and Celestia and even cleans up Cadance’s scrapes and scratches)
Twilight and Shining’s parents at the wedding
Wedding rings on horns
Rainbow pulls off a Rainboom while flying up (previous two were both diving down)
Princess Luna totally rocks out to the DJ music


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2 responses to “Second Week of Pony #2

  1. Tulip

    March 29, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    I don’t really understand your interpretation that the changelings are teleporting or moving through solid objects. To me, by far the most likely explanation based on the visuals was that they were just doing magic-boosted dive-bombing, hitting the ground hard enough to make a crater, and either being shielded by the dive-bombing spell or just being naturally tough enough to take that kind of impact (more likely the former, given the presumably-smaller impacts that take them down during their fight with the Mane 6).

    • Griffin

      March 29, 2016 at 10:44 pm

      Ah, not that one. When the queen zaps Twilight down to the crystal caverns. Circle of fire around Twilight who then sinks into the ground. Next thing we see is she is in the crystal caverns.

      Entry updated to be more clear.


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