Second week of Pony #3

30 Mar

Well, apparently I messed up scheduling yesterday’s post. Good thing I caught it. I haven’t been great managing daily posts but I do want this week to be a daily event just because the five seasons and five days match up so well. Not to mention I want to get this stuff out of the way and get back to reviews. Anyway, season three canon notes today. Once again this is totally subjective. Just the stuff I noticed while watching the show. I tried to be as tightly focused as possible. I tried not to speculate, but simply noting what I saw in the show. Failed at keeping things objective in a few places.

Discovery during one of the episodes is that Scootaloo and Applejack at the exact same color. Huh.

Princess Luna said “The empire’s magic is powerful, it cannot be allowed to fall again”
The Crystal Empire
Twilight has no clue about it
Celestia Says “Few remember it even existed at all, even my knowledge of the empire is limited”
Empire contains a powerful magic
A thousand years ago King Sombra took over
King Sombra was a unicorn (eeeevil unicorn)
Overthrown, turned into shadow by the sister’s magic (no sign of the Elements), and banished to the ice of the arctic north.
His last act was to curse the empire to vanish
If the empire is filled with hope and love, those things are reflected across all of Equestria, if hated and fear take hold… (dramatic trailing off)
Princess Celestia uses the purple, black, and green magic with glowing green eyes. Uses it as demonstration of what happens if the empire is filled with hatred and fear.
Train station is a moderate hike from the empire
Inside empire is warm and sunny even when deep snow and blizzard is outside
Sombra blasts Shining Armor, whose horn is affected by small black crystals out of it that prevent him from using his magic
Princess Cadance is maintaining magic shield, described as her power spreading love and light that causes the shield as a result
Crystal ponies can’t remember anything before King Sombra’s rule
Likewise, they don’t have any perception of the thousand years they were gone
Crystal Library has gryphon statues on either side of the entrance
Crystal fair, started by first queen and is most important event
Crystal ponies like jousting
Crystal berries
Tiny ewes
Crystal fluglehorn
Cadance’s magic is blue-ish
Crystal ponies dull when depressed but brighter when happy. Change from dull to bright happens with a burst of crystal sparkle magic (like when they are under the effect of the crystal heart later). Dramatic visual change result of Sombra’s magic? Either way, they look normal non-sparkly even when bright.
Crystal ponies have hexagon eye sparkles
Mane six did not bring the elements of harmony to help out the crystal empire (my note, not mentioned or brought up in the show)
Piece of Sombra’s horn gets sliced off when failing shield snaps back up into place, it dissolves into bubbling black magic puddle and spreads corruption
Crystal heart powered by lover and hope
Twilight uses the same green/black/purple magic as Celestia earlier with great effort
Sombra’s lines: “Yes, crystals” “Crystal heart” “My crystal slaves” “that is mine”
Twilight levitates self
The door moves away whenever Twilight used her telekinesis to grab the handle, then when blasted with green/purple/black magic it triggers some kind of despair spell that shows the subject someone they care about sending them away. For Twilight it was Princess Celestia, for Spike it was Twilight. Affected Spike when he got close.
Magic illusion fear trap
Twilight mentions studying gravity spells, uses spell to reverse gravity
Magic alarm triggered when she steps on certain place
teleport rebound, she teleports out of the crystal prison and then gets yanked back inside by the green/black/purple magic
Sombra (as shadow presence) travel through crystals to get to the crystal palace he used his magic to grow a giant crystal spike and then oozed out of it as it was growing
The light of the crystal heart reforms Sombra’s body when he gets close
Shining Armor throws Cadance like a spear, she seems to take a ready position when he lifts her up
Focusing magic to the crystal heart makes the crystal ponies sparkle
Magic from the ponies to the heart flows along the streets which are geometric in arrangement (like a snowflake)
Wave of crystal heart magic makes everypony sparkly and makes everyone’s hair fancy except for Shining Armor, rainbow aurora borealis spreads all over Equestria as shown in shows of Ponyville and Canterlot, it also sparkles the tiny ewes, but not any plants
Canterlot throne room doors (from outside) seem to have single pony guard shacks on either side. One with a star sigil and one with a crescent moon
Mysterious book and mysterious Princess nod to each other
Twilight practicing on a spell to turn things into an orange, hits bird and frog and they keep their limbs and still seem to be functional orange-based creatures
Legend of the mirror pool, twilight has never heard of it
Mirror-pool makes somewhat one-dimensional copy of a pony, but copies can think and talk
Secret compartment behind a shelf in the library has a book that contains a counterspell for the mirror pool, but can apparently send the original pony back to the pool as well
Harvest day parade and festival
Sweetie Belle’s house (with dad in front, not Rarity’s place)
Rarity apparently has emergency edible boots (or so Sweetie Belle says)
The Alicorn Amulet – enhances the user’s power, corrupts the wearer, only the pony who is wearing it can remove it
Delegates from saddle arabia (less pony more graceful horse)
Trixie worked on a rock farm
Twilight conjures a parasprite
Summon winter spell? Trixie at least conjures a city-block sized amount of snow
Age spell (only for the highest level unicorns)
Nopony comments on Trixie’s red magic aura
Dangerous mission outfit
Trixie doesn’t trust wheels
Magic from beyond the Everfree forest
Saddle Arabians wear fancy bridles and harness
Trixie firework spells without prop assistance
Olden pony missing her rusty horseshoe (scary story)
Princess Luna dream visit
Winsome Falls (rainbow waterfalls)
Wonderbolts academy acceptance letter (week long course, takes place at a high plateau that contains both solid ground and clouds)
Dizzy-tron for testing a pegasus pony recovering from a wipeout while flying
Most of the week at the academy is done as pairs with one lead pony and one wing pony
Cloud busting was one of the tests, how many clouds in a short amount of time
Almost 100 moons since last family reunion
Hollow shades
Galloping Gorge
Foal Mountains
Tall Tale Town
Unexpected to have so many Apples coming to the reunion (my note: might be evidence for a reunion every three months, but family is only expected to attend whichever one they can)
Sweet Apple Acres hosts the reunion every 100 moons since settling in Ponyville
Another confirmation that the whole extended family rarely shows up.
Carrot mansion in background on Sweet Apple Acres again!
Propeller & rowboat on wheels airship with blimp
Fruit bats (multi-colored bats with bodies resembling fruit) west orchard abandoned to them
Applejack used carrot mansion balcony for announcement during reunion
Group square dancing
No visible unicorns or pegasus ponies in whole family picture
Timberwolves have terrible breath (commented on by Spike who has literally eaten food-poison-causing muffins out of a dumpster)
Timberwolves can pull themselves back together when busted up, after a few minutes
Spike with his noble dragon code (his personal moral ethical dragon code) with hand drawn picture on the back of the card
Spike coughed up the card listing the code with his dragon breath, then sent it away with his dragonfire as well
If he doesn’t follow the code he is not a noble dragon
Rainbow Dash self-insert novel, RD writing a novel
Several busted up Timberwolves can merge into one gigantic wolf using other forest debris
Giant Timberwolf got rock stuck in throat and choked until it collapsed and fell apart
Celestia mentions getting Discord to serve good instead of evil (not order/chaos)
Celestia claims to have enchanted the elements of harmony so Discord can’t hide them again
Fluttershy acts as mediator between beavers and Applejack
Kind of odd line: “Get Discord to use magic obediently of his own free will”
Equestria’s royal summit
Releasing spell (for stone Discord) that is cast either through or with the Elements of harmony
Discord could hear every word Celestia said while he was stone (her specifically? Or just around him and he was mentioning her because he heard the explanation the mane six were about to repeat?)
Discord lamp
Fluttershy got all of the animals out of her cottage before having Discord over (except Angel, but the bunny deserves it)
Reforming spells (not sure if one specific spell or whole category of them, the plural was used)
Discord doesn’t snap his fingers for fixing the frozen orchard
Baby phoenix goodbye in photos
Jewel cake recipe, book seems to be written in a weird looking language (not the usual blurry scribbles show uses for written text)
Equestrian games (show flip-flops on whether she is head of the games or just an inspector)
Head of the Equstrian games
Girlscout filly
Train strain from Ponyville to empire
Crystal snowglobes sold at train station
Equestria games are the biggest games around
Train now has proper station, but not directly in the empire
Games inspector (not head of games)
Crystal Ponies sparkly but Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are not, a few ponies have crystal pony style manes but not sparkly
Crystal mud bath
Hoofwave de-stress technique
Ceremonial headdress (when meeting with important guests it was tradition for rulers of the crystal empire to weave crystals into their manes in a very specific way)
The games inspector is known for doing her homework
Ms Harshwhinny
Background crystal ponies not sparkly
Crystal castle
Sports arena seemingly enclosed in crystal dome
Wild mustang from mustangia
Crystal heart reacts to cheering crowd
Rarity has memories of always having weather-based cutie mark
Twilight rude to delivery pony
Starswirl’s secret unfinished masterpiece
Alicorn spell uses power from the elements of harmony
Twilight disappears, leaves cutie mark scorch mark
Twilight finds herself in cosmic place (no floor but is standing on something, Celestia is not there waiting but shows up very quickly)
Celestia says Twilight has done something that has never been done before
Floating videos of past events
Floor/path of stars
First burst of magic comes from her chest that spreads to glowy swirls that obscure (remove?) her body and she reappears at night in Ponyville with all her friends right outside the library.
Reappearance is giant cutie mark (hers with six small stars instead of five) that floats down from the sky and then blazes bright and reveals her as an alicorn
Rarity says she didn’t even know becoming an alicorn was possible
Celestia names the elements: Charity, Compassion, Devotion, Integrity, Optimism, Leadership
Princess Celestia does not say there isn’t a book about being a princess, just that there will be time for it later
All three current Alicorns have proper crowns (not tiaras) for Twilight’s parade/coronation
Princess Celestia calls creating new magic extraordinary
Celestia sent her to Ponyille ‘a little while ago’
Shining Armor does not cry, it is liquid pride.
Cadance had hair in the crystal headdress for main coronation, then immediately was back to normal mane in the next scene
Lyra is bouncing excited in the back again
Crystal ponies in post-coronation crowd
Twilight has her own royal chariot

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