Second Week of Pony #4

31 Mar

Ha! All caught up on the text reviews for the big master review list and chipping away at video reviews once more. Found a guy that has two review videos (I think) of pony fan fiction, but doesn’t give names or links in the description and I certainly am not watching a hour long video just to see what he covers. So just going to put the links here and here.

I’m not sure if the show is getting more worldbuilding elements as the seasons roll on or I’m just paying more attention (which I doubt) but it does seem like these lists are getting longer for each season.

Pony show canon Season 4 list:

Twilight learning to fly, both wings and legs moving
Summer sun celebration two days away
First summer sun celebration Celestia will enjoy, was always a reminder that she had to banish her sister and now it is a reminder of her sister returning
Sun and moon in the sky at the same time (Spike thinks it is weird, side of sky with sun is daytime, side of sky with moon is night with stars, blurry border between the two)
Officers of the royal guard take orders from royalty (Blueblood not mentioned)
Applejack reacts to infestation of spiked black vines as weeds
Rainbow Dash refers to the black spiky clouds as Everfree clouds in a familiar way (as if wild clouds from the Everfree forest were a occasional problem)
Touching unicorn horn disrupts active magic/telekinesis
Rarity reacts with puzzlement but not panic to spike-vines
Twilight uses Elements of Harmony powered spell to summon Discord, got spell from Princess Celestia
Zecora has a potion that only responds to alicorn magic, mentions that her trying to use it would be tragic
Twilight uses the green/black/purple magic from Crystal Empire episodes to activate potion
Potion needs to turn from (purple/pink?) to white by alicorn magic and Twilight manages it fairly easily
Princess Luna (flashback) covers the sun with the moon and transforms when some kind of energy radiates down from the eclipse
Nightmare Moon’s magic is visibly different from Princess Luna’s
Elements of Harmony were in hidden compartment in the floor
Element of magic was inside the big central sphere
When using the Elements of Harmony on discord Celestia has magic, generosity, kindness, Luna has loyalty, honesty, laughter
Tree of Harmony has cutie marks on it. Luna’s, Celestia’s, and Twilight Sparkle’s. Royal sister’s are small and on the trunk, Twilight Sparkle’s is much larger and is the main shape of the tree
Celestia’s idea to take and use the Elements of Harmony from the tree, Luna isn’t sure about it
Tree of Harmony controls and contains all that grows there (Everfree forest?)
Cragadille – rock-based crocodile but seems to have some organic substance under the rocks
Element gems pop out when returning to the tree, but the golden necklaces remain on the mane six
Magic box out of blooming flower
Discord having a plan B (mentions plunder vines should have done this all thousands of moons ago, Discord knew about the Tree of harmony when the royal sisters confronted him)
Twilight has a new tiara
Castle of the two sisters closer than Canterlot
Star spiders
Books in the castle of the two sisters are very well preserved
Beekeeper pony (bees come at his whistle)
Star spider season
Castle has dragon statues on the outer wall (like gargoyles)
Twilight uses magic burst to freeze everypony in place
Pony of shadows (AJ’s grandma told the story to her, but Twilight also seems to know it)
Shadow pony?
Fluttershy teaching young birds how to fly
RD reading the last Daring Do book for the 12th time
AK Yearling might be Twilight’s favorite author (She knows where AK grew up, where she studied literature, where she wrote the first Daring Do book, but not where she lives but thinks she can find out where she lives)
AK Yearling lives in remote part of Equestria
Cool secret vault disguised as a book, combination spinners in the spine and lock that is pressed and turned on the cover (some magic involved?) opens up to reveal compartment instead of pages
AK Yearling is Daring Do
Book 4: Daring Do and the Razor of Dreams
Book 1: Daring Do and the Sapphire Statue (shown in earlier episode)
Fortress of Talocan (foretold by prophecy to be doomed to eight centuries of unrelenting heat)
Tenochtitlan Basin
Amulet of Atonement, which dispels the dark magic of the Ketztwctle empress
Radient shield of Razdon (magic barrier?), vulnerable to the dark magic of the rings of scorchero which were scattered to the four corners of Tenochtitlan, rings have a dark tower
Book ?: Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny
Harshwhinny – head of the Equestria Games
Ponyville flag
Rainbow Dash carried the Cloudsdale flag when she was a filly
Scootaloo can’t fly and that is unusual for her age
Equestria games posters
Qualifying for flag carry is at the Crystal Empire
Lamp with no power cord
Magic comic book
Canterlot House of Enchanted Comics
Applebucking day
Vampire fruit bats
Appleoosa state fair produce competition
Hazmat suit
Covered horn doing magic
The stare
Applebucking day take two
Spell to remove fruit hunger from bats
Flutterbat (the stare is magic? Or at least magical effects can travel through it)
Fashion week in Manehattern
Bridleway (musicals)
Hinny of the hills musical
Rainbow Dash doesn’t like most musicals
Pony statue of liberty
AJ can easily lift up a cab-wagon with passenger on her back
Rarity mending magic
Prim Hemline (host of fashion week)
Suri Polomare (Ponyville’s knitters league)
Everypony but Rarity is Earth Ponies
Rarity created own fabric
Coco pommel (adorable)
Pie family and Apple family distant relatives
Ponyville snail can hibernate for 48 moons
Scariest cave in Equestria (filled with monsters)
Bulk Biceps (name, not first appearance)
Aerial relay team (game event)
Air sprinters (game event)
Ponies can only compete in one event
Rainbow Falls (small town with rainbow waterfalls)
Gryphons in qualifying event
Equestrian society for the preservation of rare creatures
Starswirl the bearded traveling museum
Crystal empire train (big and tough looking)
Crystal pony royal guard
Caverns of Maretania (Starswirl explored with a candle)
Magic health bubble (spell Cadance casts)
Blue flu (can only be cured by a magic flower found at the edge of Equestria, when the petals fall at sunset you can use them to brew a elixer that cures)
Princess Cadance is a little out of practice flying
Giant multi-story building sized flower
Worm monster lurking underground where the flower was
Cheese Sandwhich and boneless
RD’s birthday is also her anniversy of moving to Ponyville
Maud Pie in picture of Pinkie Pie’s family
Cheese Sandwhich grew up in Manehatten?
Young Bon Bon had glasses
First shot of color map of Equestria?
Ponyville days pony of ceremonies (had Wonderbolt applicant?)
Applejewel (AJ done up and acting all fancy)
Jackalope with the other bunnies
Ponyville pet center
12th annual turkey call (event)
Princess Celestia’s assistant talking to Mayor
Magic only at tip of horn and magic doesn’t work (like someone straining to life something but only getting it a few inches off the ground before dropping it? Metaphor, not description of show activity)
Diagram of magic box on library wall
Applebloom working on plant growing potions
Scootaloo working on mechanical repair
Sweetie Belle practicing magic (levitation specifically)
Diamond Tiara’s butler Randolph
Princess Twilight eats fast food burgers messily
Ponyville has fast food burger place (named Hayburger)
Breezie’s mentioned as fairy creatures
Breezie’s ride the pony created breeze back to their native land, the breeze activates their amgic that protects the pollen they collect from western Equestria and carry back home (portal stays open only two days)
Transformation spell (ponies to breezies)
Breeze travels through all of Equestria (portal inside cave that is on the wall of a ravine)
Apple farm has a hats and bows closet
Smart Pants under Applebloom’s bed
Apple’s deliver pies long distance
Flame gyser swamp
Chimera (can talk, each head separate personality/person, call each other sisters, tiger/goat/snake, tiger front legs and goat back legs with the torso being kind of a yin-yang of the two, really likes pie)
Rocktorate in rock science
Spiders that only live in Ponyville (look scary but very sweet)
Poem authors/books: Quill and Ink, Flourish Prose
Sapphire shores (the pony of pop)
Dreamlands, the place between dreams, look a lot like where Twilight became an alicorn
Sapphire Shores songs: Get Your Pony On, Serves Her Right
Sweetie Belle doesn’t know Sapphire songs, prefers show tunes
Ponyville foal and filly fair
Spike melts lock with fire (not completely)
Inspiration Manifestation (evil book that is two slabs of stone connected by metal hinges) Instantly brings ideas to life
Vanilla Oatswirl ice cream
Book’s magic turns Rarity’s magic green (makes her obsessed with creation to the exclusion of everything else)
Does the spell summon Octavia or is that a copy of her?
Twilight uses magic to bring ponies through a crystal wall, not a teleport
Dispelling the book’s magic does not counter the effects
Princess Cadance and Princess Luna helped Princess Twilight clean up Ponyville (reversing the dark magic)
First mention of dark magic
Great and honorable Spike the brave and glorious (what Crystal ponies call spike)
Hoofponies sent for his bags
Very first dragon in the history of the games to light the opening torch
Tiered seating of the vip section
First row: the four princesses with impressive thrones
Second row: Saddle Arabians, Blueblood, unknown mare and stallion in impressive ornate outfits)
Third row: Mayor of Ponyville, Fancy Pants, Fleur De Lis, Cherry Jubliee, unknown mare, unknow stallion in military-looking outfit (makes me think of naval captain)
Named teams at the games: Cloudsdale, Ponyville
12 teams total by flag count. Guesses of what teams based on the visible flag designs: Canterlot (sun & moon), Dodge Junction (cherries and wheel), Crystal Empire (geometric snowflake), Appleoosa (apple in star), Gryphons (kind of claw half-seen?)
Princess Luna suspects Spike had help lighting the torch
Gryphon contestants wear armbands instead of vests
Disabling spell for unicorns (invisible once in place, cast via the unicorn walking through an archway and the spell clings to their horn)
Gryphon team emblem is crossed lightning bolt and claws
Gryphons got bronze medal in arial relay
Equestria games always conclude with the ice archery event (ice arrows and bows, fired by pulling bow with mouth, arrows freeze a good area of what they hit, one arrow turns a large cloud into a ice chunk of doom that falls slowly)
Takes time to disable the unicorn security spell, but can be done for everypony at once
Crystal heart stays at it’s location in the open area under the crystal palace

Trade Ya (watched out of order)
Rainbow Falls Trader Exchange
Offical royal duty (always has to be a princess at the exchange)
Rules are that a trade is fair as long as both ponies get what they want
Nopony has put together a entire set of first edition of Daring Do books (Rainbow has all but the first one)
Crystal Ponies at the exchange
Orthos at the ancient beast stall (two headed dog, can break metal chains, likes chin and belly rubs from Fluttershy)
A whole stand filled with Discord lamps
Handicapped pony with small wheeled cart supporting hindquarters
Antique chicken statues

Leap of Fath (watched out of order)
Another pony with cart-supported hindquarters
Firefly lanterns (not first appearance)
Flim Flam brothers as con man
Disease from bacteria
Pony with parasprites (decorations?) on her hat and tail
Pony with foreleg crutches

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, (out of order)
Written test to join the wonderbolt reserves
Twilight can change position of teleport subjects (her and Rainbow Dash flying on one end, standing and sitting in a chair on the other end)(
EUP guard (Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus) not needed before Nightmare Moon banishment
After Luna’s banishment the protective pony platoons were formed
Anniversy of the first Celestial year of peace had celebration held by General Firefly with elite team of aerial performers were selected for the event, performance so full of energy that it released magical lightning that wowed the crowds, team was named the Wonderbolts)
Colonel Purple Dart (leader of the Wonderbolts in the 4th Celestial era)
Wonderbolts premire coragrapher was Commander Easy Glider
Original squad was 7 pegasus ponies
Princess Celestia’s favorite flight pattern is the Icaranian Sun Salutation
Admiral Fairweather
Admiral Fairy Flight (7th squadron)
General Flash (10th leader of the Wonderbolts)
Flair de Mare (Wonderbolts uniform designer)
Granny Smith discovered the first granny smith apple in Fillydelphia when she was just a filly
Cloud went from white to storm grey when depressed Rainbow Dash curled up on it
Rainbow Dash doesn’t react to the entire town doing Wonderbolts stuff as she flies over it

Princess Summit (?)
Duke and Duchess of Maretonia (the ornate dressed ponies at the games, accompanied by the unknown mare and old naval stallion, their flag is black with golden tree/plant on it)
Aruora Borelais in sky during princess song
Tirek (starts as small pony size and grows when absorbing magic)
Magic drained erases cutie mark and dulls pony’s eyes (comes out of Unicorn’s horn)
Not a dream but a vision (both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have it)
Tirek and brother Scorpan came from a distant land to steal magic
Scorpan befriended young Starswirl (then returned back home after betraying his brother)
Tirek sent to tartartus for his crimes
Tartartus drained Tirek’s abilities, took months to recover enough to use his dark powers
Discord can sense when there is a magical imbalance
Delegation (Maretonia) meets at the Crystal Empire
Elements in the Tree of Harmony still in the shape of Mane Six cutie marks
Tirek knows Discord (as well as imprisonment)
Discord bookmarked journal and drew attention to those events and the magic box
Stealing Pegasus magic is area-effect (Tirek could only drain flight magic when he got powerful enough)
No rain without Pegasus magic
Alicorn magic mentioned (could be specific magic or simply the magic of those particular alicorns)
Alicorns can transfer magic willingly to somepony else
Without their magic Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have the same color manes but no animation and/or cosmic breeze
Alicorns lose their cutie marks when they give up their magic
Twilight gets cosmic mane briefly
When switching day/night Twilight gets cosmic mane (magic looks normal except for lightning crackles and zaps around the aura)
Twilight struggles to control her hyper-boosted magic (flight is supercharged as well)
Princess Cadance has wonderful bored expression when Tirek tries to steal her magic
Tirek opens window to Tartartus to send the three Princesses there
Tirek’s magic aura is the flame ball between his horns
Buffalo seemed to be plenty energetic in a brief glimpse (as if no stolen magic)
Magic blasts from Twilight during action scene are multi-colored
Discord shows no visual change from losing magic
Greyed out eyes don’t last
Rainbow power channels through the Tree of Harmony (pony transformed forms are tacky)
Each of the mane six give their magic back to their own tribe (Pinkie and AJ for Earth ponies, Rarity and Twilight for Unicorns, Fluttershy and RD for Pegasus ponies)
Yeah, something is up between Discord and Princess Celesti

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