Second week of Pony #5

01 Apr

Finished! I have now watched the entire five season of pony. Except for the second half of What About Discord? Which I decided to skip because I was really dragging my feet watching it and without the time deadline there was really no real reason to watch it if I wasn’t enjoying it. Anyway, was interesting trying to keep track of all the neat canon stuff like minor characters, magic, places, etc. I think the most interesting bit was realizing that the fashion industry is pretty much all Earth Ponies. The only unicorns involved in the fashion industry are two in Canterlot and Rarity herself. Every other pony related to the fashion industry is a Earth Pony.

Also just finished watching The Crystaling. Not bad, some good moments. Though I do have one thing to complain about. The credits. Mr and Mrs Sparkle? Really? That’s what you put for their names in the credits. Really? Also seeing the new baby for the first time (I avoided all promo stuff I could) made me think of Shub-Cadurath.

Pony Show Canon season 5

Castle Throne cutie marks light up the first time they sit in them (table forms up out of the floor when they are all sitting)
Table has detailed map of all of Equestria (looks to be illusion)
Flashing cutie marks is signal the map is calling them somewhere cutie marks float to place on the map they should go (why? The mysterious force of the rainbow commands it!)
Hoofball (Spike and Big Mac going to talk about it and trade cards)
Spike has bit foam dragon #1 finger
Train doesn’t go to the nameless town, just kind of stops in the middle of nowhere
Confused about the whole town having the same cutie mark
Town founded by Starlight Glimmer
Nopony has ever wanted to leave
Pinkie has the strongest stomach of them all (duh, because they left spike back home)
Staff of sameness (magic item name)
Cutie mark vault (Twilight has never seen anything like it)
Great mage Meadowlark’s 9 (8, really) enchanted items
Cult conditioning room
Equality marks drain talents (pulse with black whenever the mane six tries to do their thing and seems to drain them)
Eastern Unicorns (none of the 8 enchanted items is a staff)
Starlight covers/conceals cutie mark with makeup
Interrupted friends speech
Cutie marks in jars
When released the cutie marks all return to their owners
Applejack and Rarity attack the door differently even without cutie marks
Starlight Glimmer’s magic seems to have pretty good range (grabs jars before they hit the ground from a long way up)
Twilight Sparkle magic shield
Flashing cutie marks success signal
Angel bunny gets kicked into a mud puddle (I watched it twice, because only crazy people watch that shot once)
Spike has Rarity doll (likes sleeping in the cave-like castle)
Hidden confetti cannons
Golden oak library
Castle has pulleys (same general aesthetic as the castle so it doesn’t look like they were put in just for the job pulling up the tree roots)
Babs Seed gets scissors cutie mark
Twittermites (in dream)
Princess Luna comes from the moon in dreams (both Scootaloo’s dream and this one now)
Princess Luna can bring ponies into another pony’s dreams
Sweetie Belle’s panel of judges is Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Rarity
Brings all three ponies to a space resembling the clubhouse not in any of their dreams?
Scootaloo flies the instant she realizes she is in a dreamspace
Applejack is a dead shot with pancake flipping
Cloudsdale arrives at Ponyville when Ponyville is up next for winter
Running of the leaves (mostly earth ponies and Dash just flying around checking things out)
Rainbow Dash really likes winter (favorite season? Don’t remember if she actually said it specifically)
First winter with Tank
Pegasus ponies bringing snow filled clouds
Tortoises hibernate
Top of Twilight’s castle glowing (maybe just sun caught by the big sparkly part?)
Snow clouds are heavy
Ponies putting up icicles
Gigantic snow cloud machine (much bigger than the cloud machines we’ve seen in the past)
Factory end of shift alarm/buzzer/siren
Vents and screws in weather factory walls (that Rainbow Dash climbs through to infiltrate)
Winter lab
Clouds and snowflakes crafted separately
Room of lightning in jars (jars different colors)
Rainbow Dash has tortoise slippers for back feet, Tank has Rainbow Dash slippers for front feet
Applejack cries on the inside
Rainbow Dash has a proper bed with covers and stuff (not just a chunk of cloud or anything like that)
Rainbow Dash reads bedtime stories to Tank
Appleoosa rodeo
Sugar & salt licks! (Appleoosa sheriff cussing)
Troubleshoes (horse)
Mob ponies! (like, two specific mob ponies that are kinda cool)
Hoof city rodeo
Equestria rodeo circuit
*something* Creek Rodeo (didn’t catch the name and file I was watching didn’t have subtitles)
Sweetie Belle easily closed the door with magic
Troubleshoes is a horse! A horse! Of course, of course. (Yeah, that’s not from the show I just wanted to type it)
Buffalo watching Rodeos in flashbacks with young Troubleshoes
Cutie mark can happen when a pony doesn’t know what their talent is
Stacking hay bales rodeo event
Discord and Fluttershy tuesday tea
Equestria society for the preservation of rare creatures
Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing cards where the cards just have the mane six cutie marks on them
Tree Hugger (hippie, earth pony)
Discord has a house in some kind of crazy chaos-space (which apparently can be found by a mail pony, though takes a while for the mail to show up)
Grand Galloping Gala
The smooze
Discord’s cane has the eight pointed star of chaos
Smooze glows and grows when eating gems/jewelry (first seen when taking giant diamond)
Discord is centuries old (he says so anyway)
Smooze eats lots of things but only gems/jewels seem to cause the growth reaction
Maud totally burns Discord with her heckle
Smooze goo is sticky enough to stop Rainbow Dash from taking off, resists magic (but is not immune) and Princess Celestia can’t (or won’t) cast magic with the goo covering her horn
Rainbow Dash’s hair is styled really nice
Princess Celestia calls Discord/Smooze Gala the most fun ever
Griffonstone (the very heart of the gryphon kingdom)
In ancient times the gryphons were as greedy as dragons
King Grover found the mysterious Idol of Borius (legend says the idol was made from the golden dust of sunsets blown across the mountains by the north wind)
Possessing the idol filled the Gryphon’s hearts with pride
It is said that one great treasure is responsible for turning Griffonstone into the most majestic kingdom in all the land
Bygone Gryphons of Greatness (book Twilight is getting the info from)
Coolest kingdom in Equestria
Idol unites an entire species
Twilight zaps map away with magic
Train stops at Griffon Gorge, not quite getting to Griffonstone
up the Hyperborean Mountains
14th king of the gryphons king Guto (long time ago, last king)
Famous gryphon scones
Gilda – living in Griffonstone
Arimaspi (goat cyclops, huge with a head the size of a gryphon)
Young Gilda is the only gryphon in the flight school but the other foals know what a gryphon is (she is nervous but a pretty good flyer)
Skull of Arimaspi on a ledge in the ravine (nothing but bone)
Ravine/canyon has strong wings blowing up out of it and every which way inside it that prevents flight
Derpy offered half priced wedding invitations (hired someone to actually print them)
Vinyl Scratch does not speak
Jaded Ponyville residents discussing what the mane six are worked up about
Panda bugbear
Super secret government anti-monster agency
Bugbear in tartarus
Flash Freeze Lake (location?)
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia live together
Marriage ceremony done by the mayor (not a princess)
Changeling freaking out the foals but nopony else even reacts
Grand Equestria pony summit
Delegates from over 50 cities (biggest summit yet)
At least one gryphon delegate
Pony mime
Dragon sneeze trees
Water main under the street in Canterlot
Yak Yakistan
Hasn’t had open borders with Equestria for hundreds of moons and is so far north of the Crystal Mountains that no pony has ever been there (has a prince)
Yaks are very shouty
Broke Rainbow Dash’s record for most stuff broken under a minute (Rainbow Dash even has (had) a trophy)
Cherry Jubilee delivery to Crystal Empire
Northern boundary of Crystal Empire to Yak Yakistan is tiny narrow mountain path that nopony who has tried has ever completed
Furred snow monster of some kind
Twilight likes vanilla ice cream, red balloons, dancing, but is afraid of quesadillas
Pinkie’s parents aren’t nearly old enough for a 50th anniversary party
Yaks value authenticity very highly (also big jerks)
Twilight’s place (where she lived) in Canterlot has been untouched since she and Spike left at the start of the whole series (literally as in the book she was reading is still open to that page where she left it)
Moondancer, Lemon Heart, Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, Twinkleshines, (Lyra lives in Ponyville and the rest live in Canterlot, Minuette is incredibly upbeat and cheery)
Twilight’s old friends are pretty cheerful in general
Unicorn science class
All of Twilight’s old friends are unicorns
Twilight accidentally kicks through a wood door knocking on it
Bubble of silence spell (easily dispelled)
Spell that puts caster as a two-dimensional drawing in a book that can talk and interact with somepony reading that book (only works for a few minutes, Twilight is working on using it as a study technique, named Haycarte’s Method)
Lemon Hearts works at the Canterlot Palace (mostly big events, state dinners, that sort of thing)
Bookseller pony has bees & hive cutie mark
Moondancer has a older sister
Pin the tail on the pony with Princess Celestia image
Spike’s fire can send to Princess Luna
Princess Celestia has no power in dreams (only Princess Luna can move between dreams)
Princess Luna’s dream magic is not normal unicorn magic (shows as thin glowing lines of light)
Princess Luna doesn’t appear from the moon in these
Princess Luna can create shared dreams but a whole town of ponies in one dream is a considerable strain for her
Princess Luna created the tantabus
Princess Luna sleeps and has her own dreams
Rarity opens a boutique in Canterlot (in a spot she had been waiting for a while to get)
Sassy Saddles (unicorn)
Fashion Plate (representative of Cosmare magazine, unicorn)
Shadow Spade (detective novel protagonist, mare)
Royal garden opening
Dragon cut versus hoof-polished gemstones
Wind Rider (mustang marathon record holder)
Cinnamon chai tea & cake shop
Pegasirise (sickness only cured by the ice iris, which is found in the Crystal Empire?)
Twilight is getting bored without action (she has read all the books in her castle)
Charity Kindheart (famous costume designer for bridleway?, earth pony, retired and moved away from Manehatten)
Sisterhood social has always had a loose idea of what constitutes a sister
Student pony president
Playground equipment took a beating during Tirek event
Spoiled Rich (Diamond Tiara’s mother, she is on the school board, really stuck-up)
Very official voting for school president with a booth and ballot sheets
Diamond Tiara’s talent is getting other ponies to do what she wants
Cutie Mark Crusaders get a fancy cutie mark appearance (also, totally makes the future in the story Three-Hundred and Fifty canon)
Poundcake riding Gummy
Shining Armor and Princess Cadance having a kid
Smash Fortune (unicorn on a poster, not sure if real pony or fictional, from Shining Armor’s youth)
Crossbow (used by Pinkie Pie)
Balloon animals
Shining Armor is a bit of a dork (like huge dork)
Scavenger hut (Shining Armor and Twilight used to do them a lot)
Birth Certificates
Hearth’s Warming Eve
Holiday themed candy sold on the train
Flag has royal sisters again in the play
Mohs hardness scale (quartz and corundum mentioned)
Pie rock farm decorated (?) with pretty glowing crystals
Parents own farm (also crystal mine)
Pie family (all earth ponies)
Pinkie Pie (duh)
Ignius Rock Pie (father, son of Feldspar Granite Pie)
Cloudy Quartz (mother)
Limestone pie (awesome)
Maud Pie (likes rocks, has pet rock named boulder)
Marble Pie (Pinkie’s baby sister, few minutes younger than Pinkie, pretty much rock farm Fluttershy)
Holder’s Boulder
Glowy crystals also decorating all over inside of house
Pie family all can (and do) eat rocks
Crystal mine at/under farm
Pairing stone and/or choosing stone
Pie family Hearth’s Warming traditions: Rock soup dinner, hoofmade rock dolls, flat raising determined by finding a drawing of obsidian hidden somewhere on the farm)
All three Pie sisters share a bed, parents do not share a bed
Pinkemena Diane Pie
Holder Cobblestone (pony) found Holder’s Boulder in a dragon’s nest older than time itself and built the farm around it even though it was just an ordinary rock and it has always brought the family good luck
Nightmare Night
Changeling costume and Timberwolf costume
Apple family haunted maze
Rainbow Dash astronaut costume
Applejack as lion (cowardly lion I bet)
Shelved all the books in the library a few months ago (crystal palace been around that long?)
At least 20,000 books (says Twilight with a glance at all the piles)
Former Canterlot designer to the stars, Roco Frufru (male, looks to be earth pony on the cover of the book)

Skipped the rest of the episode What About Discord?

Whuthering Hooves (book)
Fluttershy has a furry friends book club
Glowy cutie mark flies off of Fluttershy when she takes too long to respond
Animals discussing book after she leaves (or at least having a polite discussion of some kind)
Smokey mountains (neither Fluttershy or Twilight have been there, not much information on them, single book Twilight could find says they have the most beautiful valley in all of Equestria)
Fluttershy struggles with her saddlebags while Twilight is fine with hers (I would figure Twilight would either have them equal weight or even give Fluttershy slightly less, I can’t imagine she would give Fluttershy considerably more weight)
They take balloon to get there (not train or chariot)
McColts and Hooffields
McColt gate guard notices Twilight is alicorn princess, none of the Hoofields commented on it
Twilight uses a spell to amplify her voice
Twilight moves cake through the gate with her magic and doesn’t notice that there are ponies inside it (Neither weight nor presence of living ponies noticed through her telekinesis)
Massive hold everypony spell like what she used on her friends in the haunted castle episode, and struggles to hold that many ponies still at once (mentions holding an army is much harder than holding six ponies)
Nopony seems to question Fluttershy’s ability to speak with animals
Twilight mentions quantum physics
Pony Palooza rock concert
Helping hooves festival
Countess Coloratura
Camp friendship
Coloratura’s cutie mark glows twice, both when singing the song about Equestria
Childhood fillyfriend
Stage pyrotechnics
Voice manipulation spell (magic auto-tune)
Meeting with the schoolponies
Photo Finish taking pictures during meet and greet event
Twilight displays a magic video screen of a conversation she just witnessed (magically recorded it, or just from memory?)
Earth pony playing piano
Orchestra conductor is a unicorn but holding conducting stick-thingy with his hoof
Unicorns lighting the tips of their horns in the crowd at a concert (holding up lighters analogue obviously)
Twilight gives speech at Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns
Portable slide projector
Starlight Glimmer casts spell on scroll which zaps table to make map appear
Cool dome portal
Starlight Glimmer levitates herself
Spike touching scroll triggers spell again
Spike has binoculars in his backpack
Twilight doesn’t believe Starlight Glimmer can time travel
Scroll is Starswirls time travel spell
Spike walks on runway and then falls through clouds (wonder if he will get cloudwalking when or if he grows wings?)
Starlight Glimmer uses paralyze spell on young Rainbow Dash (does not look like she just grabs with telekinesis)
Twilight sucked into portal (but not Starlight Glimmer)
Map table and ruined thrones all that remains of castle
Map looks sick/corrupted with crystal empire dark crystals covering most of Equestria
Sombra future
Applejack doesn’t seem to notice Twilight is alicorn
Sombra has his body back
Highly suggestive of mind-control for his soldiers
Wonderbolts in proper armor
Rainbow Dash with scars and metal wing
Maud and Pinkie rescue her (war timeline is awesome)
Applejack mentions she’s never seen the map before (as if it just appeared when Twilight dropped in)
Starlight Glimmer zaps them with a spell that encases them completely in a large block of crystal that slowly sinks through cloud
Starlight Glimmer claims the spell brings her back whenever Twilight casts it
Starlight Glimmer stands on clouds (could be top of crystal just under the surface but she is seen standing on clouds later in the episode more than once)
Twilight Sparkle breaks the crystal apart from the inside with magic
Only Twilight Sparkle and Spike get sucked into portal again
Map table in forest now
“Well, that didn’t work.”
Tribal Fluttershy is awesome
Resistance leader Zecora likewise is all sorts of cool
Magic salve reveals truth of the pony who wears it, even to the point of showing if they come from another timeline that is more correct
Cloud slicing lasers! (Truly, alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle is learning the ways of the alicorns as we see in the first episodes of season 6)
Table in dark forest this time
Nightmare Moon future
Castle of the two sisters restored
Rarity treats them as if they were tourists
Bat ponies (All but one have tufted ears, the one that doesn’t is Rainbow Dash, who has bat eyes with the helmet on and normal eyes with the helmet off)
Princess Celestia imprisoned in the moon for years (same shadow as Nightmare Moon had on the face of the moon)
Nightmare Moon’s magic is blue
Twilight teleports Spike out of the chains wrapped around him
Twilight uses magic directly on the map table instead of scroll to trigger spell
Tirek future
Seems to be just Tirek burning stuff
FlimFlam future
Starlight Glimmer doesn’t seem to have seen the futures that Twilight has experienced
Wasteland future
Starlight Glimmer casts the spell on map table, portal zaps them down instead of up to go to Starlight’s past
Map connected to every part of Equestria (by association perhaps every time as well?)
Cutie Mark moment seems to grant a burst of power/ability in unicorns at least (see both Rarity and Twilight’s cutie mark stories as well)
Her friend was sent off to Canterlot (school for gifted unicorns?)
Map of harmony has had enough of these time hijinks and takes the scroll and sucks it up into the portal before shutting it down
Young Starlight Glimmer is adorable

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