New Reviewers 27: Subtitle TBD (aka the great video review mistake part 2)

02 Apr

Okay, calling it. I’m still going to add video reviews and stuff to the list, but until my big master review list workload settles down I’m no longer going to do the New Reviewer posts with links to all of their posts/videos/etc. It is basically doubling my workload and it is one of the main reasons I haven’t been going faster on the video reviews. I will still try to do a ‘added this reviewer to the list’ with a link to the reviewer in the intro paragraphs to my usual posts, but this will be the last full New Reviewer post I am going to do for the foreseeable future. I will also continue to let you guys know when I have finished up a backlog or otherwise gotten to the end of a huge chunk of reviews so you can check favorite stories or whatever for new reviews.

Since it isn’t something to put on the list, I’ll just link it here. CCC: cleverpun’s Critique Corner: Description/Title Reviews #3

Brawny Buck has a wide variety of content. Only 4 fanfiction reviews. The majority of his content looks to be episode coverage of some sort. With a sprinkling of reviews of other things such as comics and documentaries. The fanfiction he covers seems to be mostly big name stuff, as the list below can attest.


Okay, first off I found a single review of a Thomas The Tank Engine / My Little Pony crossover done by a guy called Trainboy9681. He’s from the other fandom of the crossover.



ObabScribbler needs no introduction I hope. Or at least not much of one. Well, in addition to wonderful readings she has also hosted something of a group review of stories and such titled The Heroic Review as well as another series discussion the pony fandom titled Oh Babble Scribbler! Man, she puts out a lot of content. ObabScribbler’s playlists section has more entries than a lot of YouTube channels have videos. I’ve decided that since each episode is titled with a specific fanfic I will be only putting that fanfic on the big master review list with a link. Brony Bookclub has pretty much worn me out for trying to link every story they link in their notes.

Oh Babble Scribbler

The Heroic Review!

ObabScribbler misc(?)



DRWolf001 has been assimilated to the big master review list. Another big name in the pony YouTube arena. So defined as somebody whose name I actually recognize just from mentions and references from others even though I don’t really watch YouTube pony videos all that much.



AnY Entertainment



Goomba Guy Videos

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