Pony Stories 585

04 Apr

More thoughts from my five seasons watch of the show. Just the usual fan connect the dots and pretend there is intentional continuity stuff. Today is magic pondering. We see the black/purple/green magic four times. When Princess Celestia is explaning about the Crystal Empire and she uses it for the “If overtaken by fear and hatred” bit. When Twilight is tracking down where Sombra hid the Crystal Heart. Sombra’s eyes have the same glowy aura, but I don’t think he ever uses it. Lastly, when Twilight uses it on the potion after Zecora says it needs “Alicorn magic” used on it. Which is hardly a new observation, I know, but I wanted to ponder it more. If we go with the obvious conclusion that it is Alicorn magic, we get answers to both how Sombra got powerful enough to do what he did and why Princess Celestia never seems to do much. If Alicorn magic is corrupting and/or based on fear and hatred she wouldn’t want to draw on her full power. Sombra obviously got greedy and managed to gain the power of an Alicorn without the accompanying physical transformation. Also makes Twilight Sparkle using it while she was still a Unicorn a interesting event. Might explain why after she got back the sisters decided she was ready to tackle Starswirl’s unfinished spell.

The second bit was the only thing called dark magic was the effects of the Inspiration Manifestation spell that corrupted Rarity. Which turned her magic green and sent her out of control on a one-track obsession. Who else have we seen who has a obsession with a single thing (love), has green magic, and powerful abilities not seen anywhere else?

Now for reviews!

  • Written in Dust by The Rogue Wolf
  • Twilight’s Final Exam by Pascoite
  • The Treaty by totallynotabrony
  • Anyone You Want Me To Be by naturalbornderpy

Written in Dust by The Rogue Wolf

It is 4am and I should have gone to sleep at midnight. So, had a hard time putting this one down. It isn’t all our protagonist exploring Canterlot ruins. In fact I kind of wish there had been a little more of that. Anyway, cool characters and interesting premise. Probably one of the best human/Equestria stories I’ve read. Even though it doesn’t have a lot in common with most of that genre. There being no real contrast between culture or anything except one or two places.

Anyway, highly recommended if you like adventure stories. Fate of Equestria save the day plot with cool ideas and twists in it.

Twilight’s Final Exam by Pascoite

Interesting premise, no real big surprises. A solid enjoyable story. One thing I found funny that for a story that involves testing Twilight’s morals, the story struck me as lacking nuance. Might be just because Twilight picked exactly what I would have picked. So from my point of view it was very clear cut.  Just wish there had been a little more uncertainty for me the reader.

The Treaty by totallynotabrony

Huh. Not sure what to say about this one. I bet the comments section is quite exciting. The story itself, eh, not anything real special. The part that bothers me is that humanity, in general, doesn’t do the genocide thing. Oh well. Story is incredibly short and has a fairly unbelievable version of Princess Celestia in it. Also will probably annoy or frustrate you if you read it.

Anyone You Want Me To Be by naturalbornderpy

Hmm. I’m not sure I would call this a good story. Yet I would call it a creative one, and certainly isn’t bad. Other than the Changeling it really isn’t all that pony either.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 585

  1. Pascoite Fics

    April 4, 2016 at 9:54 am

    You really would have implicated yourself in the third scenario? I’m impressed. I guess I’m not too surprised this might not have felt so nuanced, just because it is a fairly standardized test, so one size fits all.

    • Griffin

      April 4, 2016 at 10:23 pm

      As long as I could take the boss guy with me, sure. I like to think I’d take the choice that takes down the bad guy and protects my friend. Of course I’d probably do my best to get the lightest sentence possible and put as much blame as possible on him.

  2. Present Perfect

    April 4, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    I’ve always headcanoned Twilight’s actual talent as magical mimicry. We’ve seen her study spells out of books and need to try them out a few times to get them right, but the moment she sees someone use one — like, say, Rarity’s gem-finding spell in season one — she’s got it. What’s that thing from Naruto called? Sharingan?


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