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11 Apr

It took two and a half seasons, but I actually care what happens on the tv show Agents of Shield. I just watched the episode where they escape from the portal and actually felt tension! For perhaps the first time in the entire show. So, that was neat.

  • Time by The Seer
  • The Long Roll of Years by Paleo Prints
  • Salvation by Cold in Gardez

Time by The Seer

This story I grabbed just because I had never run into the pair if Rarity and Celestia. For Rarity and a Princess I tend to prefer Luna or Twilight. This wasn’t even really a story. Just a handful of pages of Celestia thinking depressed thoughts about being immortal while Rarity is not immortal. Nothing new for most ponyfic readers. Wouldn’t be a bad first or second depressed immortal story someone reads, but that’s about it. If you’ve read more than two stories about an immortal getting sad that their mortal friends or loves are going to die you can probably skip this one.

Now I am thinking of a story about an immortal that is pretty okay with their immortality, but is so tired reading all of the depressed immortal stories from all literature and fandoms because they read everything and keep running into them.

The Long Roll of Years by Paleo Prints

Now this was a proper depressed immortal story. I’ve read a bit of them and still found this one engaging. Did a good job conveying Princess Celestia’s mood without becoming overly maudlin. Though on the edge for that, so your experience may vary.

Salvation by Cold in Gardez

Previous review of original story is here.

This is something of a reread. The original version of this story was one of the first pony fanfics I read. Not in the first ten, but certainly in the first 100. As at least one of the people who reads my blog has commented on, I perhaps praised the original a bit highly. Reading this one now certainly did not hit me as hard as reading that one then.

I read the original and I believe I read the first half of this one while it was being written. So only the ending was new for me. The original had a much more compressed end if memory serves. So a lot of the story was very familiar. Even so, it didn’t have the impact I was hoping to get. As a reaction to the other person’s comment about my original review, that is. Part of me wanted this story to blow me away just to prove him wrong. Which it did not.

However, I do think this is quite a good story. My big complaint is that it wasn’t pony enough. This story is in the category of using the characters, and a decent amount of setting, but it felt very grounded. Not to mention pretty much all the body language was more or less human, especially the sex scenes. Which was a complaint of mine in the original review if memory serves. Not that I want precisely accurate horse sex mind you. Just was an immersion breaking thought while I skimmed the sex scenes.

If you don’t mind lots of sex, and I wouldn’t call it gratuitous most of the time, I would recommend this story. It certainly is different from most romances on the site. Though I am thinking of the story if Rarity and Rainbow hooking up when they are both in love with Applejack, but they lean on each other for support away from Ponyville. Sort of a Salvation light.

I do think the story would have been a bit better if things were not as tightly focused. A bit more room to breathe, if handled expertly, to give the read of the mane six space. That qualifier is the sticking point though. The tight focus was very effective and I doubt that pulling back from it would have helped if done less than skillfully.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 590

  1. Present Perfect

    April 11, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    Man, I don’t get why people are so down on Agents of SHIELD. I’ve been super on-board with it from the beginning. :B

    • Griffin

      April 11, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      I’ve been ambivalent from the beginning. Lots of cool stuff and I liked most of the characters. So it wasn’t a bad show. Or else I wouldn’t have been watching it pretty much since it started.

    • Soge

      April 12, 2016 at 2:06 am

      I dropped SHIELD on episode 6, according to my 100% legal series folder. It just occupied this weird space where I didn’t care enough for the characters, the mistery was too vague, and it wasn’t high-budget enough to be impressive.

      It is in my “things I might pick-up again” radar, however, specially considering how many good things I keep hearing about the later episodes.

      • Griffin

        April 12, 2016 at 5:15 am

        If you do give it another try, I’d recommend skipping to season two. There isn’t much you are going to miss from season one and if it does grab you, just go back and watch the earlier stuff.


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