Pony Stories 591

17 Apr

The big master review list still manages to boggle me. Most of the time because I know that I don’t even come close to getting all the reviews of pony fanfiction that are out there. My general rule of thumb has been the big master review list covers probably half the total reviews out on the web. Part because I know I haven’t found everyone, part because there are a few review sources I have decided not to add to the list. Such as Rage Reviews. My possible additions bookmark folder has over a dozen entries in it of review sources that for one reason or another I’ve either decided not to add or have put on the back burner. Then there is the fact that I don’t do in story comment reviews either. Given the size of the list I probably have managed to close the gap a bit. I doubt I cover only a half of them anymore. Probably have gotten to nearly two-thirds, by nearly burning myself out a few times.

So putting video reviews on the list will be going on the back-burner again. Just can’t work up the enthusiasm for them. Especially the videos that cover more than one story. I don’t know why the youtube pages with more stories wear me down more than say a blog post with several stories. Probably just because I jumped into the deep end first with Brony Bookclub and it’s one or two dozen stories a video to link and linking to stories over and over again from different videos.

  • Why No One Messes With Celestia by scion
  • Why No One Messes With Luna by scion
  • Body of Work by TheGreyPotter
  • A Once and Future Darkness by Cold in Gardez
  • Babel by Cold in Gardez

Why No One Messes With Celestia by scion

Pretty much what the description promises. Quite well done version of it actually. I would love a longer full length story based on this start. Then again, I love Ponies and spaceships so that is hardly a surprise.

Why No One Messes With Luna by scion

Another teasing glimpse at what a full length story for this would be. Not quite as tightly focused as the previous one, but still a good read.

Body of Work by TheGreyPotter

That was a very creepy story. Not sure if I would call it scary, but as a slow building of unnatural tension I found it quite effective.

A Once and Future Darkness by Cold in Gardez

That was somewhat disturbing. Which is the signed of a well written story, getting that emotional reaction. Really it had elements of Lovecraft in the unknowable events and especially how it ends. Not sure I would classify it as a horror though.

Babel by Cold in Gardez

Short but very good. Stories like this are why Cold in Gardez remains one of my favorite authors. Also once again taunting me with the writeoff being where the good authors are hanging out. Actually, now that I think about it my reluctance and/or inability to handle shifting to other digital places to follow people I like is comparable to languages in a way. Certainly worth my time to give it some thought to see if anything shifts in my brain. Sometimes all I need is another angle to work around the glitches in my brain.

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