Pony Stories 595

21 Apr

I totally forgot to mention the one thing I did find interesting about the dragon episode. Involves something I paid close attention to during the recent re-watch of the whole series. As far as I can tell, unless I missed something, Gauntlet Of Fire contains the first direct reference to the horn light of a unicorn using magic. From a character in the show I mean. The magic horn light is a common staple and detail in a lot of fan fiction, but in the show it is never remarked on or seemingly noticed. Even to the point that the changeling Queen’s green magic aura is never commented on when Cadance has a completely different color. I thought it was interesting anyway.

  • Teacher Zero by Jordan179
  • Triggered by Summer Dancer
  • Love Transcends by OfTheIronwilled
  • ‘member when… by RarityEQM

Teacher Zero by Jordan179

Eh. Much like the others by this author (I assume the same author anyway) the ideas about cosmic beings and different reincarnations on different levels of reality and different eras of history are cool and all. Yet the stories never seem to grab me. Primarily because all of them have been mostly internal monologue exposition broken up with the occasional bit of exposition dialogue. Nothing actually happens in the three stories I have read.

Triggered by Summer Dancer

I wouldn’t have put the comedy tag on this story. There are a few funny moments, but overall it just felt more like slice of life with comedic bits mixed in. Still, not a bad story, just didn’t grab me.

Love Transcends by OfTheIronwilled

I kind of liked this one. A musing of eternity and infinity. No story or even character exploration. Perhaps a bit of Celestia character study in the margins, but mostly just a look at Twilight Sparkle after she has existed for a very long time.

‘member when… by RarityEQM

Lots of fun. Twilight, Shining, and Spike sharing stories of silly things that happened to them when they were growing up. Lots of silly sweet stuff here. Though I think it would have been better without the fart joke.


Posted by on April 21, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


2 responses to “Pony Stories 595

  1. ceruleanvoice

    April 21, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    Fart jokes ruin everything :/

    The horn luminescence being mentioned had me sitting up paying attention too. Initially I thought Rarity mentioning the light and Spike starting to glow meant that she or Spike were dreaming, and as the light got brighter, it would turn out to be the sun shining in one of their faces, making them realise they’d overslept for something important.

    So good job on faking me out like that, show.

    • Present Perfect

      April 21, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      Excuse you both, fart jokes are ALWAYS NECESSARY :V


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