Pony Stories 604

03 May

Meanwhile, in Fallout 4, I managed to accidently create Babs Seed for my character. Other than the eyes, that is. See screenshot below after the page break.

  • Lessons Learned from Loyalty by Whateverdudezb (a read-again)
  • A Change In Fashion by Kevinltk
  • Seeking Answers by bats


Lessons Learned from Loyalty by Whateverdudezb

Just read this again. First time since he changed to the !ultimate chapter format. Still a good story, but I don’t like the little tweaks and changes he made to the story. I thought the original version had a better feel to it. A less formed version that was aided by the raw sense to it.

A Change In Fashion by Kevinltk

Blah. Pretty mediocre. Decent premise and the characters aren’t cardboard cutouts or anything. Yet there is no complexity or depth. Our main character is a Changeling who is pretty much just a pony. There has been one brief bit of sensing emotions, when it should be a near constant, a brief bit of shapechanging that once done apparently takes no effort to maintain. Even when drunk, sleeping, or unconscious. It would take no effort to make the main character a normal Unicorn pony.

As I read this I can’t help but think about the story Crystal’s Wishes. Which was very much the same basic thing. Yet even with the same basic slice of life not much happens framework I enjoyed it. Might be just the skill of the author. This story has fairly beginner level writing, while Crystal’s Wishes had a lot more polish. Or so I assume since I can’t remember details. At the very least it had enough polish that I wasn’t paying attention to the nuts and bolts of it.

Anyway, didn’t quite make it to the halfway point. Set it down for a bit to read some other stories. When I picked it up again the writing was just too rough for me to handle. Which is a pity, I do still kind of want to know what happens.

Seeking Answers by bats

Not to my tastes. Just didn’t like this one and I can’t really put my finger on why. Both characters were portrayed well. Writing was decent to good. Guess it comes down to I didn’t particularly enjoy emotional turmoil and that is pretty much all of this story. It is about Applejack twisting herself into mental knots and she doesn’t even really know why. So, emotional turmoil and vague emotional metaphors in the end of story conversation so I am not quite sure what they actually talked about except in the most general fashion. Like I said, not to my tastes.

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