Pony Stories 605

04 May

Sleep continues to be my nemesis. At least tonight I can blame enjoyable reading subject rather than computer games or plain stubbornness. Tonight’s reading (which isn’t the stuff below in this post given the reading/blog lag) made me realize that Sharp Spark is probably one of my favorite ponyfic authors and I had never actually paid attention to him before. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the author of a work unless it is someone I’m already interested in. Yet after reading a recent one by him I went through his story list and found out that like 80% of his stories are ones I’ve read and really enjoyed. Just never connected the dots that they were all by the same author until now.

  • Ordinary by JMac
  • Mistletrapped by Titanium Dragon
  • Redemption Is A Harsh Mistress by JMac

Ordinary by JMac

Simple little piece. I enjoyed it. Better than the one before it, which was written for the most dangerous game contest.

Mistletrapped by Titanium Dragon

Sweet and silly slice of life done right. I enjoyed this immensely, chuckling at more than one bit.

Redemption Is A Harsh Mistress by JMac

Augh! Much too short. This is an opening chapter for a full length story. Heck, a whole series. Anyway, enjoyed it even if it ended right when I was fully interested. Not a cliffhanger exactly. Just a open ended “adventures will continue” sort of way.

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