Pony Stories 609

16 May

One of the pony show thoughts I’ve been pondering lately is about Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer. Who brothers play bridge with Shining Armor in the canon of my half-released fanfic. That’s not the pondering bit though. Lots of comparisons between the two, with Starlight often not judged all that well. Lots of people like Sunset. I just wonder what would have happened if we got Starlight first. Cult Leader, season-long stalking, then time travel destruction scheme before redemption. Lots of stuff in there that a good chunk of the fanbase like in a more abstract sense. If we had gotten Starlight first, I wonder how Sunset would have been received.

  • Advanced Lessons by dungeonguy88
  • Crêpes by Titanium Dragon
  • A Very Merry Chrysalis by dungeonguy88
  • A Beginner’s Lesson in Romance by dungeonguy88
  • Sonnets by Twilight by MrNumbers

Advanced Lessons by dungeonguy88

Pretty fun. Some mistakes here and there, notably in the exposition dump at the beginning of the third chapter, but even that wasn’t too bad. Lots of funny moments. Did have a decent premise for a Celestia and Chrysalis romance to, though it only peeks in at the very end and isn’t a big part of things.

Crêpes by Titanium Dragon

Sweet and romantic shipping story. Above average for that category as well. It doesn’t show the building of either side of the relationship all that much, but it did feel quite natural. No Alien Shipping Syndrome here. Also fun trivia, Fimfiction doesn’t put the first ‘e’ in the story title in the html address. I figured it would just ignore the accent mark, but apparently it doesn’t recognize it as a letter at all. Anyway, between me reading it and writing this up a couple of days later I can’t remember anything about the story. So, apparently I liked it but nothing stuck.

A Very Merry Chrysalis by dungeonguy88

Sweet and funny. As a romantic comedy should be. I quite enjoy this version of Chrysalis, not to mention the relationship between her and Princess Celestia. Do wish there was more stories involving them, but as usual the author is only humans and therefore cannot write what I enjoy faster than I can read. Stupid limitations of the universe. Oh, and there were some cool worldbuilding bits as well when Chrysalis gets fed up with the inaccuracy of the Hearth’s Warming Eve play.

A Beginner’s Lesson in Romance by dungeonguy88

I do enjoy this author’s version of Chrysalis. Her and Twilight Sparkle interacting is a lot of fun. Though I still have trouble grasping Twilight’s attraction to Blueblood. The glimpse of him in Advanced Lessons shows that he is a jerk, just that he might have some redeeming values. It would just take actually seeing them to convince me that Twilight would want a relationship with him.

Sonnets by Twilight by MrNumbers

Writing is a bit rough in places, the pacing is a bit skewed, and I would love this to be expanded to be twice as long or more. This was almost a proper romance and had a pretty well done younger Twilight in the flashback sequences. My main complaint is one is had with a lot of stories. I prefer when an author names it very clear when a time shift happens. In this case the story bounces between present day and back in time about ten years? Hard to tell when the ages of Twilight and company are so vague in the first place. Anyway, lots of good and bad things I could say about the details of the story. I would say the good outweighs the bad. Though I am pretty forgiving when a story grabs me and this one managed it. I will comment that the end really needed a bit more build up. We get no clue that Octavia had been working on it until it actually happens. I suspect that if the story was longer a good chunk of it would be the results of the two of them breaking up the first time in the past.

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  1. TD

    May 16, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Glad you liked Crepes! It is definitely one of my older stories – it was the very first thing I ever wrote to completion – so I’m glad it managed to make you happy even so.


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