Pony Stories 611

19 May

I’ve had an idea rattling around in my head for a week or so now. Just kind of struck me out of the blue and won’t go away. Which sucks because I’m not going to do anything with it. Anyway, the idea is this: The old Heinlein story Glory Road, but  pony version! It would probably work really well from what little I remember about the story. I didn’t like it much when I read the original so I’ve forgotten pretty much all the details. Yet the basic premise of a queen from an alternate dimension coming to earth to recruit a hero to go on an epic quest with would work pretty well. Just not sure which Princess it should be.

The 2,800th author on the big master review list is DeathFox4. Death of a King by DeathFox4, which is reviewed by PresentPerfect.

  • Recollection Letter to Celestia by Pinkamena_Rocks_57
  • Goosed! by Estee

Recollection Letter to Celestia by Pinkamena_Rocks_57

Ow. Beginning author that needs much more practice. Probably and editor as well. Also needs to put spaces between paragraphs so the story is not just a giant wall of text. I didn’t even get halfway through it.

Goosed! by Estee

This story had a lot of good bits, a few great bits, very few bad bit’s. Yet it didn’t really pull together for me. My first thought on finishing it was that it needed to be shorter, but I’m not sure you could compress it and still get the same result. Applejack needs the pressure to build up to get where she gets from an emotional character exploration angle.

Really, this story is a character study of Applejack. Though we get good moments of each of the others. Even an indirect peek at Twilight when Spike has his moment. Which is a pretty good one. I think the problem is that the crisis is just a bit or dimensional. Angry geese, mean, territorial, their poop is disgusting and everywhere. So even though the story goes on and the characters struggle, what they are struggling against never changes.

I’d recommend this if you like Estee’s stories. There is enough of the author’s strengths here that fans of the author will have moments of enjoyment. I certainly did. Yet I certainly wouldn’t use this story as a place for anyone to sample that author’s work and if you are lukewarm on Estee’s style I’d recommend skipping this one.

Do wish that the academic who showed up near the end wasn’t one of the author’s caricatures. This one is the self-important ivory tower intellectual that has little knowledge of the real world. It would have been so much better if, instead, it was an academic who totally knew how horrible the geese were and came to study them anyway. Have him respond to the request for help with “nothing works on them” sort of response instead of the “how could you get rid of such beautiful creatures?” that the story does give us. Re academic could have hurried from Canterlot and not want to talk with our heroes because he figures he won’t have much time to study them before they go suspiciously extinct again. Yet it wouldn’t be a Estee story without at least one pseudo straw-man antagonist used for comedy purposes.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 611

  1. Present Perfect

    May 19, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Hah! 😀 And DeathFox asked me to review that one, because his entries in ocalhoun’s contest didn’t pan out that well. Good for him!

  2. iisaw

    May 20, 2016 at 11:14 am

    I like your idea about Glory Road. Haven’t thought of that book in ages.

    • Griffin

      May 20, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      Me either, which is why it is so bizarre that the concept just popped into my head.


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