Pony Stories 612

20 May

Just finished the Hearth’s Warming Tale episode. Decent enough. I’ve never been a huge fan of that particular story, so it wasn’t exactly going to hit any buttons in my head. I thought most of the songs were, well, functional. Though I did like Luna’s quite a bit. I think my pony version of a pony Christmas Carol was much more creative myself. Then again, it would have to be a Princess Celestia episode and I’m pretty sure the show having a Princess Celestia episode is one of the signs of the end times. Best news? Once I grab a screenshot from the episode I’ll have a actual related image to put up as my fanfics cover image. Woohoo~

In review news, today begins a semi-long period of Rarity/Twilight Sparkle shipping stories. I went on kind of a bender for a while.

  • Routine Company by Monochromatic
  • The Little Things by Princess Glitzy
  • The Spark by Princess Glitzy

Routine Company by Monochromatic

Fluffy Rarity and Twilight Sparkle shipping story. Sweet, but very fluffy. Sort of a case of, if you are in the mood for this, it will give you a hit of what you want. This author does really sweet Rarity and Twilight romance. I really enjoy her version of Rarity.

The Little Things by Princess Glitzy

Yep. More fluffy Rarity and Twilight shipping. The writing is not quite as polished as some stories, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Most likely because I’m on a bit if a Rarity/Twilight kick right now.

The Spark by Princess Glitzy

Rarity and Twilight shipfics continue. This message was kinda bland. I’d call it fluffy, except it didn’t leave me with that warm fluffy feeling when I was done reading, so I guess bland will have to do. The writing isn’t the best. The worst offender was this line:
> Knowing that her ponies were living, learning and growing gave her immeasurable proudness.
Proudness? Pretty sure Pride would have worked better there. I did like the Princess Celestia at the beginning. The mental picture if her tapping a good and humming with a song stuck in her head while she waits for a friendship report is a fun one.

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