Pony Stories 613

22 May

Work on catching up with the Big Master Review List continues. No thanks to the efforts of some reviewers who will remain nameless that post gigantic contest-review blogposts right when I’m trying to psyche myself up to get working on it.

  • To Me by AngelWing456
  • Coffee Shop by Elara
  • Sparkling Diamonds by CleverlyDmented
  • Cognac and Cuddling by Fission
  • Austraeoh: Abridged by shortskirtsandexplosions

To Me by AngelWing456

Eeeh, better than the previous one but not by much. This really felt like it needed context. For stories like Routine Company you can just go with the assumption that the two of them are in a relationship and the story provides everything else. This one had a more complicated narrative that is pretty much all left out. I’m all for fluffy context free slice of life or shipping short stories, but a start of relationship confession needs a bit more.

Coffee Shop by Elara

There we go, fluffy fun. This one does the context free thing pretty good. Once again assuming you go into it accepting the two are in a relationship already. Human versions, but the author gets the two characters decent enough.

Sparkling Diamonds by CleverlyDmented

This is how you do a short story confession right. Not that this is an amazing story mind you. I’d put it firmly in the functional category. Yet it is a good comparison to the story two previous. The difference is the focus. All of it on one character’s reactions to a single action and a few moments after. No buildup, in fact the confession itself isn’t even in the story. This starts the instant after Twilight confesses and does a pretty good job hitting the ground at a run.

Cognac and Cuddling by Fission

Fluffy scene where drunk Rarity smooches Twilight and then the story ends with the two going to the library.

Austraeoh: Abridged by shortskirtsandexplosions

That was silly. Also had several characters I was not familiar with, obviously ones picked up in the stories after I stopped reading the series. Almost made me want to read the rest of them with them bantering as they tell the slightly embellished tales of the first book. But really, the genius part of the work is the second chapter, Appledashery: Abridged. It is short and everyone should read it at the very least.

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  1. Present Perfect

    May 22, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    What’s that? A Master Review List inundated with contest reviews? My blog post full of contest reviews ought to put a stop to that! :V


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