Pony Stories 616

25 May

I still think there is an argument to be made using just the show that Equestria is the name of the world, not just a kingdom. A lot of the use of it that I caught during my rewatch makes more sense that way.

In completely other trivia, I find the links for these by typing in the title and letting the auto-complete of the browser address bar pop up the story. Which works great most of the time. Sometimes gets me fun other sites I’ve visited with the same word(s). Or, in the case of the first of today’s stories, makes me kind of embarrassed about my browser history.

  • Restraint by Habanc
  • One by Craine
  • Her Prince by FlameingToast
  • A Certain Type of Chic by iMarc89
  • Worthy by Twinkletail

Restraint by Habanc

First off, I did enjoy this. Just didn’t hit the buttons for ‘this is amazing’ like some. I enjoyed Diamond in the Stars a lot more. My main problem was the pacing seemed… not slow, but a bit unsteady. The focus of where things slowed or zipped by was not what my brain was expecting. So, personal preference thing most likely. Decently executed Rarity, but Twilight seemed very generic. The author could have replaced Twilight with just about any other mare and the story would be unchanged for the most part. Also, this is an older story that has Unicorn Twilight and the tree library. I’ve gotten to the point where Alicorn Twilight and the Friendship Castle is the default at this point. Which is kind if weird when I think about it directly.

I think it might be because the castle and Alicorn Twilight have actually done things in the show. Not a lot, but the first season of Alicorn Twilight wasn’t much different than Unicorn Twilight, but at this point the sheer number of episodes has made up for it.

Anyway, if you are looking for Rarity and Twilight Sparkle shipping I’d recommend this one. In fact I’d recommend it even if that particular genre/pair wasn’t such a small category that a reader would scramble for anything halfway decent. I’d recommend other stories first, but even if the stories were as common as say Dash and AJ, this would be in the second tier recommendations.

One by Craine

Huh. Dark fluffy. Not sure that was possible, but there it is. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed that story. Mostly because of the lack of context. I mean, romantic fluff can give warm fuzzy feelings with little buildup, but Rarity nearly committing suicide needs a bit more establishing framework.

Her Prince by FlameingToast

Eh… kinda bleh. Which isn’t a very useful reaction, but very accurately sums up my feelings on this story.

A Certain Type of Chic by iMarc89

Eh, the balance of show/tell is tilted toward the tell end. Not terrible but going into chapter two it really did feel like reading this was slowly becoming a chore. So I moved on. Might give it another try later. The premise seemed neat and had some actual buildup, which is nice in a shipping story.
Totally unrelated to the quality of the story, it once more had me thinking on my idea that Twilight is not a Canterlot native.

Worthy by Twinkletail

Short, fluffy, and sweet. Some if it was a little blah, but I liked the mental image of Twilight’s actions and the ending was predictable but enjoyably sweet.

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